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01 January 2004, 02:32 PM
Im trying to learn about combustion and rpf files.

What im trying to do is this:
A circle of balls (made in max) spinning around an object in the middle (which is pure 2d: a tga).
Now i attach and track some particles to one of the balls (an .rpf sequence)
So far everything works.

What happens is the particles follow my ball, but the other balls, and the object in the middle is ALWAYS in front of the particles, no matter where the ball layer is in the workspace.

Is there anyway around this?
Normally id just stack the ball layer on top of the others and it would work. Not this time it seems. Is this because of the rpfformat?

hope im making myself clear here, and i hope you can help out.


Jack Pfeiffer
01 January 2004, 11:46 AM

Yes, combustion will try to respect the Z-depth of the RLA file... And that what seems to be happening to your composite... Have you tried turning OFF the Z-depth?

Or, maybe this: If I understand you correctly, maybe you should triy to simply output a TGA sequence (instead of RPF files)... That would NOT include Z-depth, and you would be done.

There's some additional background tips/tricks/etc. on RLA/RPFs I wrote over at FXGuide:



01 January 2004, 12:56 PM
first off: thanks for your tuts, ive been using them a lot! :thumbsup:

But i need the z-depth.
At least for this excercise i do.

The ball with the particles is supposed to spin around the middle object.

I was hoping i could track an objects zdepth too, so that the particles would adjust accordingly.
Example: a rocket going from foreground left to background right, passing behind a few planets on the way.

So if everything was rpf, i could not attach/track particles to the rocket and make them go behind the planets?

They would automatically go behind everything?
That doesnt make sense... If the particles were always on top i would understand it better... nut hey im new to this maybe im missing something here....

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