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01 January 2004, 02:29 AM
Just for the fun of it I've made up an HDRI from the Spirit panorama sent back from Mars. Its been heavly knocked about in Photoshop and HDRI shop but it seems to work. Enjoy and do with it what you will. :beer: HDRI Panorama of Mars (

01 January 2004, 04:57 AM
nice, i'm going to play with this one

01 January 2004, 06:16 AM
wow, should be fun. thnx for takin' the time and releasing it for all of us ;)

01 January 2004, 12:13 PM

its a LDR image actually...
converting a jpg to hdr doesnt make it high dynamic range.

i suggest some more reading about what HDR actually is. and how to create one yourself.

01 January 2004, 12:33 PM
Well of course its based on an LDR but its been processed through Photoshop to create a series of 10 different "exposures" and then put together in HDR shop to make the final HDRI. I did say it was fake did'nt I :) and its only for fun

01 January 2004, 12:38 PM
well something must have gone wrong then, because i cant find a single pixel in that hdr with a rgb value higher than 1.

01 January 2004, 02:56 PM
Ahhhhhhhh I see what you mean, ........ Sorting it :)

01 January 2004, 05:22 PM
Thanks for pointing that out, the pixel value issue is now sorted out :bounce:
Bothe versions are up there now so take your pick
:thumbsup:HDRI panorama of MARS V1 & V2 (

01 January 2004, 06:03 PM
Im getting a:

Error 404: page not found

when I try to download it :cry:

Desperate to use this thing......

cheers mate

01 January 2004, 06:24 PM
anybody got any pull at NASA... surely they could produce one using the camera on board..

01 January 2004, 06:58 PM
404 error now sorted had to clear some space on my server.
Should all work now

01 January 2004, 10:12 AM
The Pancam cameras definitely have more than 8 bits of depth, but I'm not sure whether the original HDR images will be released.

01 January 2004, 05:36 PM
Over 1400 hits on the site and I get 3 thanks and 1 crit (thanks for that, it was actually usefull :) ) :shrug: Oh well live and learn

01 January 2004, 07:16 PM
Thanks mate, I'm sure I'll be able to use this. Thanks for going to all effort. :thumbsup:

01 January 2004, 08:59 PM
Thx mate :)
You used photoshop to make the extra exposures?
Like with contrast-enhancement? And channels to boost up the white values?
Will try out your HDRI ( you can NEVER have enough HDRI maps :) )
Thx for the effort:)

01 January 2004, 10:43 PM
I guess I'm stupid, but I tried to use Photoshop to make a HDR image out of a regular render (via HDRShop), but it looked like ass. Is there a method?


01 January 2004, 03:37 AM
I wou.d like to learn a method mfor making my own hdri images too. Thanks for the pics.

01 January 2004, 05:17 PM
I tried making my own HDRI using a very simple greyscale image and messing around with brightness, contrast and different layer settings - i ended up having to paint in some of the lightest areas in order to keep the highlights white - i'm not sure how sucessful the final image was

another way would be to do several renders with different settings and then combining them in HDRI shop - i've never tried that

i dont own a camera, thats why i tried making my own

01 January 2004, 05:47 AM
Now that Photoshop supports 16-bit color, you can just import an 8-bit image, convert it to 16, and then play with levels and paint on different selections to stretch the brightness range.

This is not exactly like a true HDR image though because you are working with something that is already gamma-encoded. There may be a way to get Photoshop to apply a gamma curve on the display, I'm not sure.

01 January 2004, 07:11 AM
Well i dont understand a thing about HDRI except how good renders can look with it and how to use it in max. So this the image will come in handy.

Cheers :beer:

01 January 2004, 07:39 PM
before someone figures out how to get hdri out of one single snapshot from a camera... and then the next level will be integrating that in to stuff like dsculptor and digital camcorders... so in probably 10-20 years, I highly suspect that there will be something simlilar to a tricorder on the market, like what you see on Star Trek...

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