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01 January 2004, 01:05 PM
Hey all ..
Im Totally new to Painter,i have allways worked in photoshop,
but now i got the chance to try it out..

something that bugs me a lot is ,maybe its just me who have
overlookt something,, but the brushes ..
i cant figure out to make or find a brush that blend the colors
like in the MIXER bar,,
it seem to me i only can get that smooth look if i work it all over
with the Blenders tool..
seems kind of strange to me if thats the fact,

i whould really like to know painter becourse i think the look
in generalt are more soft and nice to look at then photoshop,,
not that i dont think photoshop are bad or anything,,i love

i see some really cool work in here so keep it up all :buttrock:

one more thing,,it whould be fantastisk if any of you painter
people whould make af step by step of you work,like the guy
who did the moviepicture from Hell ,just an examble.
with what kind of brushes and stuff like that,you use to make it.

it looks nice with pictures from sketch to finish ,but if there arent
any comments or what to say,with the pictures,,then it really
dont say mutch about how it was done :o)


01 January 2004, 12:26 AM

In a post on the corel.graphic_apps.painter newsgroup, Imaging Dev (someone from Corel) explained that we can't duplicate the effect we see in the Mixer palette by using Painter 8's Brush Creator to make setting adjustments to an existing brush variant. The Mixer palette brush uses a completely different rendering technique than is used with the rest of Painter 8 brush variants.

"the Blenders tool" is not actually a tool. The only tool related to painting or drawing is the Brush tool found in the Tools palette.

What you're referring to is the Blenders brush category which contains several brush variants.

Many, if not all, of Painter's brush variants can be turned into blending brush variants by adjusting the Resat and Bleed sliders found by opening the the Painter 8 Brush Creator :

Use Ctrl/Command+B or Window > show Brush Creator.

Click the Stroke Designer tab.

Click Well to open the Well section.

Adjust the Resat slider to the left and the Bleed slider so it's somewhere to the right of the Resat slider setting.

To get a better idea of how to set the Resat slider and Bleed slider, choose one of the Blenders brush category's brush variants, then look in the Well section. Do this with all of the Blenders' brush variants and you'll begin to see how these two sliders are set up. You'll see that most of them have the Resat slider set to the left and the Bleed slider to the right of the Resat slider setting.

When setting up a non Blenders brush variant so it will have blending characteristics, you won't need to use the exact settings used with the Blenders' brush variants. The Resat slider, for instance, can be set above 0%.

You'll need to experiment with the brush variant's Well section controls to find the right settings to get the effect you want.

For tutorials, do a search both here at CGTalk and in Sumaleth's links at Sijun forum, in the Digital Discussions forum:

"Tutorial/Artist/Advice/Reference Links" (

In Painter 8, click Help > Tutorials.

Download the Visual Guides PDF files and take time to read through them.

Read the Painter 8 User Guide where you'll find lots of information related to painting and using Painter 8 brush variants. If you don't have the hard copy User Guide, you'll find it by clicking Help > Help Topics.

If you haven't already, download and install the Painter 8.1 patch found at:

Also download the updated CorelPainter8UserGuide.pdf as it contains information not found in the original Painter 8 User Guide (it's updated to match the Painter 8.1 patch).

Open a large white Canvas and, beginning at the first Brush Category, test each of the Brush Variants to see how it works, then move the the next Brush Category and repeat. Make notes when you find something you like.

02 February 2004, 07:13 PM
Thanks for your careful explanation - this is the question that led me to and now I can't get enough.

Just to clarify, the actual blending tool isn't possible due to a different sort of rendering, but is there a brush or brush style that gives the same "paint" like effect of the "apply color" tool on the mixer? I really like how the color comes on strong and then dies out quickly as you go atop other colors. I've gone through every tool and just can't get that same effect. Is this the same case as the "mix color" tool?

Really sorry if I'm asking the same question as Sandman, just need a tad bit more clarification if your explanation applies to both tools.

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