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01 January 2004, 09:22 PM
"Last week STAR WARS director George Lucas began the battle of finishing EPISODE III's special visual effects by letting the wizards at Industrial Light & Magic begin working on the film's opening action sequence, the final space battle between Republic and Separtist forces.

At the present time only 25 to 35 shots have been completed out of the massive number of 2,000 that need to be done. Producer Rick McCallum told the official STAR WARS website that he wants to meet the level of work that EPISODE II established and have 160 FX shots done by May. That would leave another year to have the remainder -- 1800 or so -- done by the film's targeted opening date in May 2005. "

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01 January 2004, 11:43 PM
rock on! can't wait. this will mark the last epic movie for me. matrix, lotr, and now the end with star wars.

makes me want to go play some Tie Fighter for PC [to bad it only works for windows98...]. that reminds me, i need to get into Star Wars galaxies.

01 January 2004, 01:55 AM
Cool to see info on SW 3... so we'll keep that the topic.
As an asside.. I have been watching episode 2 on HBO lately when ever it's on... and I really think George really over did it on the CG. I mean awesome CG is one thing... but huge amounts of only good CG is another. I'd be happy to get a lot of those comps to work out the way they did...but other comps I think looked kinda silly. I mean.. I know it's a fast growing field.. and it's already been some time since Episode 2... but I think George Lucas could have done much better if the whole film was much more minimal.

Never did see it in a digital projection theater though.

Dark Lee
01 January 2004, 10:28 AM
/me tries not to get too drawn into another discussion on this...

So I'll try to keep it short, heh...

Minus: Georgieboy could've done a lot better starting off with a decent story and more minimal and fitting FX, then to cover up a limping script and some (forced) bad acting with grandiose effects shots..

This might be the long term Star Wars fanatic in me speaking, but to me the first 2 episodes are still only tech demos for his ILM company...
Up untill now the first trilogy isn't an epic matter how they try to create content outside of the movie (ie. the clone wars actually happening in the comic books and short tv series)

Georgie was "misinformed" by whoever gave him the idea that his previous movies were all about the effects, and he turned on the wrong path, a path where he doesn't really seem to tell the same tale as he was with the 2nd trilogy...(ie. its almost as if a totally different director took over and gave HIS vision on the story.....theres no more real comparing the 2 trilogies styles differ quite a bit)

Back on topic:

Its good to hear theres some time left to get the FX rolling, but I do wonder what the 25 - 35 shots would've contained that they just now got finished, since what they were saying was that Ever since Ep 2 came to closuer a small crew started working on effects for EP 3, or did some prior work get scrapped already?

Roberto: thanks for the spoiler :sad:
I rather hadn't heard on what would've been the opening sequence...seems I might need to put cgtalk on the unfriendly list untill Ep3 is out :hmm:

01 January 2004, 05:36 PM
Well this was posted originally on the SW website and even their title had that "spoiler" (though I can't fathom why it would be), so no much in the way of avoiding it.

As far as time this is on par with the first 2 prequels, about 18 months of production time.

since what they were saying was that Ever since Ep 2 came to closuer a small crew started working on effects for EP 3

Actually that's mostly the cinematics and art team that have been working on Ep. 3, not really the VFX. They did start working last year in VFX, building some digital models (creatures) and also the matte department team has already been busy, so I'm guessing some of those shots might just be some environments.

Dark Lee
01 January 2004, 07:10 PM
Ok I overreacted a bit...just woke up and was grumpy, heh...sorry 'bout that.. :)

I still kinda see it as a spoiler though, I rather not had read what the first opening sequence would be always was great to be surprised in each movie's opening... :shrug:

And well I read somewhere that the VFX team WAS the one doing a rollover from Ep 2 to Ep 3 right away....,
I realise I haven't heard much about that since then, so maybe it was wrong or they stopped and picked it up later again...

Kinda interesting sidenote that this post got me on a rising excitement slope for Ep III ... I can feel something stirring deep in my dark soul :)

Ahh already can envision a deeply emotional yet climactic final lightsaber duel... mmmmm!

01 January 2004, 07:31 PM
Well considering the fact that all SW movies start in space there are not many options as to what the opening stuff will be ;-).

Probably what you read was a misquote. After all you can't keep hundreds of people just sitting around waiting to do VFX for over a year. Only the Art Dept. and cinematics basicly work constantly and roll over from one prequel to the next.

Even the VFX supervisors don't stay onboard. John Knoll worked Pirates of the Caribbean before going to Australia for Ep. 3 shoot (Jim Mitchell finished the post work on Pirates). Pablo Helman worked on Terminator 3 and Master and Commander after Ep. 2. Dennis Muren of course left early to work on the Hulk. Ben Snow is currently working on Van Helsing. Ans so most other people. The only ones who might have stayed, maybe, were Rob Coleman, didn't hear of anything else he has done in the meantime and besides he was among the first VFX people to be brought back so that he and Geoff Campbell could start building the digital models of creatures.

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