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01 January 2004, 09:09 AM
Hi everyone. I was a former soft user who has since rediscovered the joys of MR in Max. Fantastic renderer, however one thing is certainly a problem. While MR's motion blur is superb it is also glacially slow and impractical for most complex uses. Soft (and the MR docs included with max mention it) used to use a camera shader to create the equivanent of 'image' motion blur which was (a) faster and (b) selective in that one could use the 'true 3d' motion blur for critical foreground objects etc and the speedier 'image' for more distant etc. However after a little trawling I found this in the 3dmax docs - "Warning: No camera output shaders are provided with 3ds max. This option is provided for users who have access to camera shaders via other shader libraries or custom shader code." - the swine! So my questions are (a) why not and (b) where can I get the motion blur shader. Help - I'm growin' a beard watching things render!

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