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01 January 2004, 12:55 AM
The GnomonWorkshop's latest set of DVD's are all done using Painter.
Some of you may find them useful
There are 5 DVD's in all. With more concept design DVD's coming.
On each DVD, Ryan masterfully executes a digital painting, while sharing his insights into his own creative and technical process. The focus of these lectures is not on software, but on the fundamentals of design, composition, lighting, material indication, storytelling and workflow.

Either way I think that many of you in this forum may be interested in learning from not only a Master, but a Concept artist from ILM.

thegnomonworkshop (

RyansHomePage (

I know that Video instruction in Painter is scarce.

01 January 2004, 08:32 AM
Thanks for the info...

01 January 2004, 06:44 AM
well, i am watching the first one... and its more of his paintings, and a lot less of painter than i'd hoped.. perhaps the other ones will go more into painter.. i want to know how to paint, but i am not going to be able to get anywhere near the effect he is showing us, with using all the wrong brushes

01 January 2004, 07:30 AM
I recieved my copies a few days ago, and I must say that I was impressed. The techniques described are fairly simple, yet very powerful. I have found that they can offer total noobs (such as myself :D) a lot, they would be more suited to people with at least some traditional/digital art skills.

MaDSheeP: The DVDs were designed to be less application specific, and therefore the brushes are not mentioned as much as I would like, but if you listen carefully, then you can catch on to what brushes he is using. (eg. Glow brush for light effects, square chalk brush for blocking in some colour, opaque watercolour/gouache for other blocking in of colour etc). Personally I found Volumes 3, 4 and 5 to have a slightly better explination as to what tools he used than Vol.1. Also, Ryan Church has been doing this sort of work for years and years. You should not expect to be able to do work of that standard. Unfortunatley, it takes time to get good :(.

01 January 2004, 12:19 AM
It says they are not application specific, but if your a total n00b with the app (like me) you should get one of the new books on painter probably. Just so you will know your way around the interface a little, and be able to apply some of the techniques.
I hear some of the new painter 8 books are pretty good in comparision to earlier ones. I have an earlier one, and I still dont know the application at all.

Actually this is off topic, but I've seen some damn good painter artists in here.
""Shane Caudle"" is one. I'm actually supprised none of you guy's have started making any painter DVD's yet. They would sell so fast.
I feel like a Pro in Photoshop after watching some Scott Kelby DVD's. I'm sure some of you in here know as much about Painter as Scott knows about PS.

Back on topic.

The focus of these lectures is not on software, but on the fundamentals of design, composition, lighting, material indication, storytelling and workflow.

I made sure to have that in my original post before posting in here. :)

01 January 2004, 07:22 PM

This is my first post as I have a question about Corel Painter 8 - this also seems to be the best thread in which to do it.

OK, I purchased Ryan Church's DVD's Volumes 1,3 and 5 and I must say that I was so impressed that I bought Corel Painter 8.

I was particularly impressed by his workflow and general setup of the brushes etc.. I noticed he had a window that contained his custom built brushes. I have attempted to duplicate this setup (I know he used Painter 6), however I cannot seem to create my own custom window where the brushes are permanently displayed.

I created my own brush set and placed them in the brushes folder, then loaded my library into the program - no problem so far. I have quite a few brushes in my library, however my monitor can more than handle a window that contained ALL of these brushes (as was Ryan's setup in Painter 6), instead I have to click a drop down box and navigate to the brush I need. Is there anyway around this ?

I apologise if this question has been asked before, I did check the forum (and manual !!), but could not find a quick way to do this.

Oh yes, there is an update on Ryan's website (FAQ) of the brushes he used on the DVD's for those who are interested:

Hope this helps,



01 January 2004, 02:16 AM

You'll first need to install the 8.1 patch, then learn how to use Custom Palettes (not available in Painter 8).

Take a look at this thread:

To Uninstall Painter 8, reinstall Painter 8, and install the Painter 8.1 patch, use the following steps:

1. Close Painter 8 and other programs.

2. Move any files you created into a new backup folder outside of the Painter 8 folders.

3. Uninstall Painter 8.

4. Manually delete any remaining Painter 8 folders and files.

5. Reboot.

6. Install Painter 8 and don't open it even one time.

7. Install the Painter 8.1 patch.

8. Reboot.

9. Launch Painter 8.

Good luck,

02 February 2004, 07:12 PM
I have a quick question about these DVDs
i'm seriously thinking about getting them but was
wondering how applicable they are to photoshop
the site says under the dvds description
software: corel painter.
i've been using photoshop for quite sometime
but am not quite familiar with corel.
as long as the programs aren't to different i would think i can convert the methods so to speak.

anyone have any thoughts?

02 February 2004, 10:39 PM
Hello Jin/ScrmnTA,

Many thanks for your corel painter 8.1 instructions, they worked great and I have been able to create my own custom palettes by simply dragging and dropping onto a new window. I have been trying out the new Adding Command feature, I have a couple of issues, I will try and solve these myself before posting in a seperate thread.

ScrmnTA: I have seen Volumes 1,3 and 5 - just checking out the DVD's to make sure they are OK. Ryan does mention the different types of brushes he uses in Corel Painter, but he also BRIEFLY mentions the way it can be achieved in Photoshop as well. For example, where an f/x glow is applied to the scene, a quick photoshop reference to colour dodge is also mentioned (which can produce the same effect). If you click on the link below:

you will find a comparison of both Corel Painter and Photoshop brushes that Ryan has used in the DVD's. I own a copy of Photoshop (I don't claim to be an expert), however in my opinion I DO think you can achieve the same effect, you may have to change some of the settings such as size, opacity, etc., but it shouldn't be too difficult.

As a side note, I have attempted to create the same type of effect using Combustion (Discreet), however I don't think this application is quite ready yet even though you can now create your own brushes, there are no functions such as rotating or flipping the canvas as in Photoshop or Painter.

Hope this helps



02 February 2004, 12:27 AM
I have been a fan of Ryans work since getting the Star Wars II Clones art book, so when I discovered the DVDs, I practically flipped out. I immediately ordered all 5, and I must say they have helped me enormously. I have always struggled with technique, and his huge pool of tips and tricks have been invaluable, on a number of fronts:
1) Painter speed - many people have issues with application speed and performance: use only a couple layers. I almost threw Painter away because when I was working with many layers, (PS is good with this) it slowed to a crawl.
2) Applying lights and darks
3) Brush custom palettes
4) Starting at a low res, small size, up-resing as you need detail until you finish with a suitably publishable resolution.
5) Composition, workflow.

I like the way he narrates fully, talking through the painting with a constant flow of pointers.

My only complaint is that the picture seems pretty blurry. Well, very blurry. The intro is clear, the menus are clear, then the screenshot is like without my glasses at 5 feet (aging myself).

I highly recommend these for anyone serious about improving.

02 February 2004, 02:36 PM
thanks a lot claytonp
i believe i'll be making a purchase in the coming days
also can't way for the new ones coming out Feb 9.
thankfully i have a birthday coming up HAHA.

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