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01 January 2004, 10:23 PM

what would be the best way to draw a heightfield with OpenGl?
normally you have the data in a two-dimensional array.

i tried it with GL_QUADS and GL_TRIANGLE_STRIPS but the outcome is a little strange as you can see in this screenshot:

the problem is that there is a certain orientation of the polygons which shouldnt be there.


01 January 2004, 07:13 AM
It looks to me like your tesselation is not fine enough. Also, when using quads, make sure they're planar.

01 January 2004, 06:12 PM
Looks to me like the field function ...

Is not dynamic enough over that range and also like the other respondent said ... not enough resolution.

01 January 2004, 11:45 PM
meanwhile i tried different approches.
now im erndering it linewise with single triangels. this works fine and i get a smooth heightfield.

thanks anyways.

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