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01 January 2004, 05:32 AM
I selected the skeleton, smooth bind full skeleton, opened the component editor Smooth tab and dont show anything and donīt let me enter any value...
another thing, the option Closest Joint should avoid armīs weight assinged to the head for example and it still happens.. why?

any help would be nice..

01 January 2004, 05:43 AM
U have to select cv's on your model in order to see its wts in the component editor.

If the number of joints option u selected is more than 2 or 3 then yes, it dosen't matter what if u choose closest joint, it will still assign wts to the head.

Hope that helps.

Matt Leishman
01 January 2004, 04:55 PM
i have had instances where I've had no values appear in the component editor when I definitely have verts picked that I want to tweak weights and such.

I found that this only occurred when I had the same rig and its geometry imported into the scene i was working in.


01 January 2004, 05:49 PM
Yes.. now I see.. thanks :)
Damn itīs a pretty "mechanic" way to do a rig

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