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01 January 2004, 11:49 PM
will painter generate a random dot / splatter effect? I want to a dino skin texure and i need a shortcut to hand placing a zillion dots


01 January 2004, 03:32 AM
You can find what you need here:

You can download custom brushes that do what you want, or design your own by going into the brush designer and tweak parameters. It's up to you to experiment with a setting that best suits your needs. I'm sure the manual/help files contain descriptions for each of the parameters.

01 January 2004, 07:36 PM

Unless I've forgotten something, there isn't a tutorial on my PixelAlley site that explains how to apply random dots over an image or within a selection.

You can, among other ways to do this, record a brushstroke then play it back over the entire Canvas or Layer, or within a selection.

Read through this set of steps thoroughly before trying them, to be sure you understand the options:

1. In the Painter 8 Brush Selector menu, choose Record Stroke.

2. Make the brush stroke or paint a single dab.

3. To save the brushstroke (or dab), in the Brush Selector menu, choose Save Stroke and give it a unique name not already used by Painter.

4. In the Brush Selector menu, choose Strokes, then select the brushstroke you saved from the drop down list.

5. With either Canvas or the appropriate Layer highlighted in the Layers palette (and with the selection active if you intend to play back the stroke within a selection), use Ctrl/Command+Shift+Z to play back the brush stroke.

6. It will fill the area quickly so be ready to click in the image to stop the action. If it goes too far, use Ctrl/Command+Z to Undo and try again.

7. If the area (or selection) is filled too quickly, or completely, and you're not able to control it well enough, instead of using Ctrl/Command+Shift_Z, from the Brush Selector menu, choose Auto Playback and, again, be prepared to click in the image to stop the action.

8. You can also control the playback effect by going to the Brush Creator's Spacing section and adjusting the Spacing and Min Spacing sliders to give more space between the the brushstrokes (or dabs) .

NOTE: Some brush variants will not work with the Ctrl/Command+Shift+Z keyboard shortcut. In that case, try using Auto Playback instead.

Good luck,

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