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01 January 2004, 04:34 PM
made in lightwave 7.5, all textures on the object painted in photoshop, c.a 9 hours rendering with medium antialias (1Ghz 512Ram) city models (dystopia) by moebius.

the basic concept was an escape from heart in an artificial atmosphere, at the end it looked like this.. what do you think?

01 January 2004, 05:20 PM
hehe, Cool! :applause:
Maybe that will be the earth in the future? :surprised

01 January 2004, 05:27 PM
WOOOW ver very cool concept, only some textures ain't right.. work on that, and this will be my wallpaper!!


01 January 2004, 05:53 PM
wow, very nice:bounce:

would you mind posting a close up on the city? :)

01 January 2004, 06:49 PM
That's a great idea, I agree tho - the textures need some work.

01 January 2004, 07:24 PM
would you mind posting a close up on the city?

sure!!I'm rendering it right now!!I'd want to post some other povs too.. the problem is that with all that details I've to use lots of antialiasing..and this is so slooooow!!:shrug:

what can be improved on the textures? :arteest:
thanks to all for the comments! ;)

01 January 2004, 08:27 PM
wow that's looking great! i like the city and the nature-spot ;)

01 January 2004, 08:51 PM
very nice piece!

one quick suggestion, maybe add a reason that they're escaping? Like, explosions on the planet, total world wide flood, or a totally poluted sky.

01 January 2004, 11:18 PM
I agree with what has been said above.

The fire looks awesome. The concept is fantastic. The execution is pretty damn good too.

Only problems... the texturing and rendering let it down. Some better AA and perhaps a little motionblur to really give the image some dynamics. At the moment it's all relying on the fire/smoke.

Definitely work more on the texturing and lighting/rendering, and, as has been said, the earth should probably show signs of distress in some way to make the story clearer to the viewer. And the space elements need to be higher resoltion I think - you are getting jaggies all over.

It looks like an in-game low-poly cinematic screenshot - only, not quite! It's half in-game half render... working on the above should hoefully make it clear which one you are going for.

Great concept! Looking forward to seeing some more work on this if you decide to carry on.

01 January 2004, 12:20 AM
one quick suggestion, maybe add a reason that they're escaping? Like, explosions on the planet, total world wide flood, or a totally poluted sky.

I was already thinking to put some big asteroids falling down..but the high render times "forced" me to leave it as it is..the polluted sky is also a good idea that could be inserted without affecting render times so much..also many thanks to mothermachine for the tips..I'll try to render it from the other side since it has some more variation..I dont know if I'll further work on it..hope to have the time!

here is a close up on the city, it was designed to be seen from distance so there's only a bunch of buildings amassed toghether with not so much variation and ugly low polygon trees,( :blush: ) maybe is because of this that can give the impression of "half in-game half render"..
7hours and 43 for this one :cry:. I dont like so much this shot however..:hmm:

01 January 2004, 12:33 AM
the problem is that it's a bit badly constructed, while the idea is nice. Looks like it's propelled by some sort of combustion. And a very huge scale combustion (which effect is quite well done on your pic). But I don't see where the fuel can be... it's quite disproportionned, and gives a strange impression imho.
Also, the reflection map on the glass doesn't make sense... it should only reflect stars and deep space this way.
And a blue and nice looking earth doesn't give the feel that it should be "escaped".. (same crit as ender's) . You should more play on the contrast.. giving the dome a "safe haven" look.
Keep it up!

01 January 2004, 12:49 AM
But I don't see where the fuel can be... [] Also, the reflection map on the glass doesn't make sense... it should only reflect stars and deep space this way.

there is a nuclear power plant inside the beast so no need for fuel :P're right about the reflection but in that way it gived a too much "dark" aspect to the glass ball and the city so I've added that reflection..I know that it's unreal but I liked more the "wrong" version! if you look at the reflection with a "real" eye this also adds some strange meaning to the whole thing if we want.. :D

01 January 2004, 01:57 AM
It's looking good, but the scale of the trees to the city are a bit off. Right now your trees look to be HUGE! (taller than some of the buildings) Unless of course the buildings are all extra small. Oompa-Loompas escaping from the factory perhaps. ;)

Good start, keep it up.:thumbsup:

01 January 2004, 02:15 AM
Oompa-Loompas escaping from the factory perhaps.


you're right about the trees!:eek: :banghead:

01 January 2004, 07:15 AM
That reminds me of the Exodus in SimCity 2000.

Seeing's how I just started in 3d modeling, I can't give you any advice pertaining to that...

However, if it is a nuclear engine, the trails would not look like that. Something like a green or blue glow emmanating from the exhaust bells would be more like it.

Though, that's just me picking nits. Regardless, that is freakin' good, man!:bowdown:

01 January 2004, 07:24 PM
I've been able to render the side who cannot be seen in the previous render..modified some things, green clouds, reduced a bit trees height and other minor things..I dont know which one is better I think that the reflection on the dome is too strong in this one..strangely, I've removed the earth spherical map (as someone suggested) on the dome and used G2 on the glass, but its asyntropic reflections made the glass reflect the heart even without mapping.. :shrug:
the volumetrics were rendered in a separated pass if you want to see that here is the link:

01 January 2004, 08:10 PM
I like more the second one. Still not realistic but is a nice image. The trees are very big, as somone says before, but Ilike it.

01 January 2004, 09:22 AM
I thought I'd pop back to see your progress.

Looking very nice but there are still some areas that I think you should consider improving:

Space shots usually have very sharp and defined areas of light and dark, since the sun is a directional light. Try using just one or maybe 2 light sources to localise and isolate those areas of choice rather than illuminating the entire scene with multiple lights. A bright yellow light with sharp raytraced shadows might help to give the scene some real contrast and balance, not to mention a focal point.

Look at the work of Syd Mead and tthe film 2001:A Space Odyssey for great reference.

As I mentioned before, are you going for a low-poly/in-game look or a photorealistic/hi-res look? If the latter, you really must increase the detail in your meshes, especially the earth and the hull of the ship.

I would also simplify the textures on the ship (not the exhaust, they look great) because too much detail is visible. Clearly this ship is huge, so you shouldn't be able to see so much detail from such distance.

Also try blurring (using DOF or post) the Earth to give depth to the image and to help bring out a focal point.

One more thing - the area where the flame of the exhaust meets the Earth - this is too sharp I think - try blurring or varying the edges using better AA and some post work in Photoshop etc.

Ah just one more thing. The colours of he flame and Earth compliment eachother well, but the space background and ship textures don't. Try to decide on a simpler lighting scheme to make the image more defined and focused.

It's getting better every time.

Keep going.

Good luck!

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