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01 January 2004, 01:44 PM
Hey guys! I havenít posted anything good lately; it was that time where everything I produce looked like shit.

Before I start, to the immature haters out there, please donít post diss me or my modification, its hard as it is, its harder when immature people just try to kill any confidence you have. I have seen this happen a lot lately. Every mod has to start one day.

My first pimp is my website, I tried to make it fast loading more than flashy graphics.

I know itís absent of a lot at the moment but I am still working my hardest on getting it all up. I donít have an about section up yet, I am still typing it up, so ill tell you about the modification. Its a pretty simple mod when u think of it.

The mod is for Unreal 2k3 and also 4 when it is released. Itís a Realistic Racing game which is only played online, unless you want to use practise mode which is offline. On going online there will be several "rooms" ranging from low paying easy races and high paying but hard races. You WONT be able to just enter any of the room, there will be a specification, I donít want people with underpowered cars pitting off against the best and visa versa. Categories will be by power of car, by the make of car and by the group of the car "a/b/c/d/e.t.c". With that money you have the ability to customise your car offline, from bumpers, lights, e.t.c to the engine. I want to focus a lot on the engine and how modifications make changes to the car. In a way, think of it as Gran Turismo.. Online with customisable cars.

We already have one of the cars in game with 1 set of changeable parts. I am hoping to release this as an alpha to show people our seriousness to work.

Secondly I want to pimp some car models i did :)

01 January 2004, 01:45 PM
Donít let the cars I have done fool u into this being only a hot imports game. I will be working on small family cars too. I can produce one of these cars each day if i have time, and the coder can get them in game easy so I donít consider the amount of cars a problem at the moment.

I also did the scene which id like critiques on, I used brazils skylight and did know how to add lights on the roof, which would reflect nicely on the car?

My third and favourite pimp is the female model i did for the mod, where thereís cars......theirs sexy girls right? I plan to use this gal for pimping and well, making things look sexy kind of a mascot

its 4k triangles (the cars are 4k too)

as usual my really bad posing skills, I have messed her up in the pose a bit, her arms all twisted up and stuff lol, so I am posting front and side shots too (a lot of u might remember the hair from an old model, I might remake it)

thatís it! phew

Please support me by pressing the Moddb button on my site every now and then and maybe bookmark the website

Feel free to post on the [url=""]Forums[url] too! :)

Thanks a lot! I hope you like what I have done so far.


01 January 2004, 02:33 PM
great models as usual! it's been a while since youve posted. Anyhow, Can't find much to crit, only thing I would change is the polys on the female model, and let the textures handle the detail/wrinkles, especially on the pants. Looking forward to seeing more of this!

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