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01 January 2004, 09:05 PM
I just installed the 8.1 update (don't know if that matters), I'm on a G4, OSX.2. I'm trying to make a custom brush shape - using "Capture Dab." I have followed the instructions exactly as in the user guide. It completely does not work at all. First of all I am only able to create a custom Brush Category from the Brush Creator area - not catastrophic. During that process, it tells me "that user-created variant already exisit, override it?" Most importantly, when I create a brush - make a shape - specifically a sort of oval sliver angled 45 degrees down to the right, and then select "Capture Dab," it does not capture it. It flips it horizontally so it's pointing down to the right, and it does not create an icon for it in the Custom palette that I created.

What am I missing here? Can someone please tell me exactly what to do, what I'm doing wrong? This is beginning to really tick me off....

very frustrated.... thanks for any help

01 January 2004, 07:49 PM

When we create a custom brush category or a custom brush variant, we need to save them with a unique name not already used by Painter. Otherwise, we overwrite the existing brush category or brush variant.

Here's what you'll need to do in order to create a Captured Dab brush variant:

1. Create the Captured Dab image.

2. Using the Rectangular Selection tool, drag a square selection close around the image (do not use the Shift key to make the selection square, just do it freehand.. otherwise, the Capture Dab command will be greyed out.

3. Save the Captured Dab brush variant with a unique name not already used by Painter.

4. In the Painter 8 Brush Creator's Size section, if the Captured Dab is not displayed in the preview window, click the preview window and it should then display.

5. If the Captured Dab angle is not what you want, go to the Brush Creator's Angle section, move the Squeeze slider just a little below 100%. This will allow you to change the angle.

6. Move the Angle slider until the Captured Dab is angled the way you want.

Hope this helps. :)

01 January 2004, 08:04 PM
Well now I know what version you're using :) This may explain the slowdown as well.

We posted a tutorial here on using Captured Brushes. I don't recall if the tutorial explains how to make them, but it's easy.

We also offer an explanation on our Making Captured Brushes on our Tutorials page, including some undocumented tips.


It looks as though Jin has given you the v.8 "how to," so use our page for pointers on avoiding clipped edges, etc. (see Using Circles).

The flipping thing is a Painter quirk, particularly with turning brushes. Use Angle to adjust it. You just have to use some test strokes to fine tune the default starting position.

Per the slow down issue, see the "A Few Other Things" section on the page linked here, then refer to the "auto-build" reference to your "slowdown" post. The two together are a processing avalanche, particularly with large brushes used in large images.

Good luck,

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