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01 January 2004, 10:38 AM
I will make Zak McCracken in 3d.

I think everybody knows him.

01 January 2004, 11:54 PM
wow..i never even heard of this game..what system was it on?

01 January 2004, 12:15 AM
it was for the pc. It was the first game I played

01 January 2004, 03:15 AM
Another great choice! I never played Zak McCracken but, used to love Kings Quest series and Quest for Glory.

I'm glad to see some cool obscure game choices like this - good luck.

01 January 2004, 01:27 PM
thats my start:

what do you think?

01 January 2004, 02:17 PM
Good start, but his feet (shoes) need more work.

Are you planning to something to him to give him some sort of edge?

01 January 2004, 03:56 PM
i like what you have so far. Work on the head next and focus on details in that area..whatever is left over..add some detail to the shoes.

EDIT: i think in the front, the thigh(spelling?) that part that closes to tbe butt, need to be abit slimmer. the 2D reference shows a very slim dude. Do you plan to do some rigging also?

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