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12 December 2003, 07:11 PM
Does anyone know or have a good tutorial of normal mapping using the GPUSurfaceFX addon in Softimage XSI 3.5?

I tired it for a few hours and couldnt get it working after reading the info in net view, or watching the demo from the Softimage site.

My test:
1. Build a low rez model. Assigned UV mapping to it.
2. Duplicated low rez, subdevided it, extruded some polys for detail, assigned a UV map, added the default image as the texture.
3. Used GPUSurfaceFX addon.
4. Under Setup, clicked Create, added the hi rez mesh with UV to the high_resolution layer
5. Selected the low rez mesh and hit apply from the Low Resolution Setup in Net View, on the popup I left the default settings and clicked Regenerate Maps.
6. Opened the Render Tree, selected the low rez mesh to see the texture tree, then finally draged the diffuse bump map from the Material Presets under GPUSurfaceFX net view window onto the material node for the low rez mesh... nothing happened. Any solutions?

Also when I hit Create to have the addon generate layers/lighting I get an Internet Explorer script error:
Line: 43
Char: 2
Error: Invalid procedure call or argument
Code: 0
URL: file://C:\Softimage\XSI_3.5\Addons\GPUSurfaceFX\prepping.htm

I click yes to keep running the script.

Maybe there is a manual way to set it up?


12 December 2003, 08:05 PM
I seen that video before..and basically tried to mimick the steps, in the end fail ..with no normal mapping at all. This is a not solution to your question, bur a alternative:

Also, if you really need to can e-mail Valve. We might see a new type of normal mapping in the future..that would preserve the boundary edge base on the incidence angle from the camera.

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