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12 December 2003, 01:53 PM
is it possible to create a new library of brushes? I want to be able have like 6 to 10 different brushes of all categories in one group so that i can quickly select between to toggle between pencil, eraser, and brush very quickly....

12 December 2003, 07:23 PM

Yes, we can create new brush libraries and brush categories, just as we can create custom brush variants.

If you're using Painter 8, first go to your file manager and the following folder:

Corel > Corel Painter 8 > Brushes

That's the folder where all brush libraries have to be in order to be available to load into Painter 8.

In that folder, create a new brush library folder, giving it a unique name not already used by Painter. For instance, you could name it "My Favorites" (without the quotation marks).

If you plan to use only default brush variants in your new brush library (ones that were installed with Painter and are found in the default Painter 8 Painter Brushes library), do the following:

Go to the ...

Corel > Corel Painter 8 > Brushes > Painter Brushes folder

... and, one by one, copy the brush category folders that contain the brush variants you want to use, then paste them into your new brush library.

Then go back to the ...

Corel > Corel Painter 8 > Brushes > Painter Brushes folder

... and copy the brush category .JPG icon image files that have the same names as the brush category folders you just copied and pasted into your new brush library. Paste them into your new brush library.

Once you have all of the brush category folders and matching brush category .JPG icon image files copied to your new brush library, in your new brush library folder, open each brush category folder and delete any unwanted default brush variant .XML files, along with the following files that have the same file names:

.XML files for which the file name is preceded by c_

.NIB files

.STK files

For instance, if you delete the Chalks brush category's default brush variant file named Blunt Chalk 10 also delete the following matching file name files:

c_Blunt Chalk 10.xml

Blunt Chalk 10.nib

Blunt Chalk 10.stk

Now your new brush library's brush category folders should contain only the brush variants you want to use.

Another thing you can do is to use Custom Palettes to quickly access brush categories and brush libraries. Just load the brush library you want to use, select a brush category and brush variant, then drag that brush variant's icon onto the Painter screen. This will automatically create a new Custom Palette named Custom 1.

Then you can drag other brush variant or brush category icons onto the new Custom Palette, then click any of the icons to quickly access that brush category and whatever brush variant was selected when you dragged it onto the Custom Palette.

To change the Custom Palette's name, use Window > Custom Palette > Organizer. Highlight Custom 1 in the displayed list, click the Rename button and type a unique name not already used by Painter or by you, and click the Done button.

12 December 2003, 10:03 AM
thanx.....yes i am using 8. your first solution sounds more like a hack then what corel would intend the user to do. Awesome none the less.....i am not afraid of getting into the guts of a program. Seems to work fine to just create a new folder in the default Painter folder....copy past the brushes i like into that folder...and even duplicate an icon.

The latter one i do not know how to do....i can only create custom color pallettes....

12 December 2003, 10:32 AM

If you find the instructions I gave you for creating your own brush library based on the default Painter Brushes library cumbersome, here's another method:

Go to your file manager and copy the whole Painter Brushes library to a folder outside of the Painter 8 folders.

Rename the copied Painter Brushes folder to something like "Painter Brushes 2" or whatever makes sense to you.

Move the "Painter Brushes 2" folder back to the....

Corel > Corel Painter 8 > Brushes folder

Then delete any brush variants you know you won't want to use, along with their associated .XML files for which the names are preceded by c_ (if there are any), and the associated .NIB and .STK files (files that have the same name as the default .XML brush variant file.

Now you have a custom brush library with only the brush variants you want.


There's no other way to create a brush library folder. You either have to go to the file manager and create a new brush library yourself, or use the methods described above.


As described in my previous message, you can create a Custom Palette by simply dragging a brush category or brush variant icon onto the Painter screen.

The Painter 8.1 patch and the CorelPainter8UserGuide.pdf are available to download at:

Custom Palettes are not available in the released Painter 8 version. They're only available after the Painter 8.1 patch is installed.

Learn more about creating and using Custom Palettes in the Painter 8 User Guide (PDF version downloaded with the Painter 8.1 patch), Chapter 2 the Workspace, section named Creating Custom Palettes beginning on page 28.

The easiest way to find that section is to click the Bookmarks tab on the left panel, click the plus sign to the left of Workspace, then click Creating Custom Palettes.

12 December 2003, 11:08 AM
Dont get me wrong Jin....your directions certainly made absolute sense and are very extensive. They put me in the proper direction and i did discover it to be a bit easier to create a new folder in the default brush directory and copy paste what i wanted into that folder. This way i can still use Painters default brushes if i need to but still use right mouse button for my preferred brushes.

Thanx for letting me know about the 8.1 patch....i have habit of flicking between 2 or 3 brushes every other stroke or even the RMB slows things down to much. That was one of the nice things about Photoshop which dedicated keys to smudge...erase...and paint and even dodge so there was a quick n easy brush change.

the [ and ] change the brush there a hotkey to change the falloff/hardness of the brush?

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