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12 December 2003, 11:12 PM
well this is a model for a project called tales of a thousand moons. i really need some advice. the game is an mmorpg so i tried to keep it low poly, do you recon i should add more detail to the face?
sorry for the inconvienience but youll have to copy and paste the link (lousy webspace)

12 December 2003, 12:28 AM
still no replies!!!!!!!!!!!
is it that bad

12 December 2003, 02:28 AM
Post a close-up wire of the face...

nathan 3d
12 December 2003, 02:29 AM
wait more than 1hour. patience. its x-mas

12 December 2003, 05:27 AM
Yes a close up of the face would be great!
How is 1600 polys for your game engine?? High, Low....Average??? Is this a player avatar or world npc???
Does that ploy count include the weapon??? I like how the model looks. The only thing that seems a bit odd to me is from the front shot, The quad area looks like he is wearing pants? and the calf/knee area seems too strait? From what I can see The face is fine, Maybe even reduce it a bit, But cant be sure from this far shot. Let your textures be the detail. Faster rendering for a mass online type of game. This is pretty neat anyhow. Cant wait to see more. Do you have a website for the game yet??

12 December 2003, 06:44 PM
that link brought me directly to the same exact page i was looking at.

12 December 2003, 07:06 PM
i know, weird. the link brings me right here :-P

12 December 2003, 08:23 PM
Copy paste..

12 December 2003, 12:02 AM
well members of the dev team were saying around 2k for characters without armour, but i though id make it less so that the game works alot more seamlessly. the 1600 includes the weapon and cloth and the armbands. the body alone is about 1200.

we do have a website but its not worth showing. the forum is though. if your interested in joining the team apply to the forums and then post an intro of yourself after your account has been activated. thanks for crits, im gonna work on textures soon :).


12 December 2003, 01:06 AM
I already told you what I thought about the model in chat, it's a good model but you need to optimize it a bit more, also, you need to give a triangle count instead of a quad count. and the face has so many uneccesary faces and it isn't completely symmetric, which makes it look weird.. the porportions are good, but you need to change things on the shoulder to make it rig-able.. and the "underwear" isn't keeping his buisness covered.. keep it up, hope you can show us an update soon..

12 December 2003, 02:18 AM
page not found, and page not found.

12 December 2003, 10:08 PM
hey, ok the face has changed since the last post, i also made some changes to the body, and i think im ready for texturing now :).


12 December 2003, 09:09 AM
The game is still going strong. Then engine is in works too. Specs will be reviled when they are allowed to be.

12 December 2003, 09:03 PM
hello, ok maybe a reply would be nice, i think if finished the body (THINK) so i started on some armour, what do you guys think?
the armour is really still in questioning, because im not too sure if it looks good. so i realy need some feedback. :) thank you.

rmember to copy and paste :)


12 December 2003, 09:48 PM
You might wanna use some references for the body. Or try sketching it out first.

Some points

-The hands dont look right, the thumb is too long and there seem to be no fingers. I dont mean you have to model the fingers separately, but you must at least suggest the shape of the hand with fingers. Take a good look at your own hands while modelling.

-His neck is too thick.

-The shoulders are too fat and should line out with his clavicles.

-You need to work on the head, the proportions are not right. Once again, look for references. The eyes should be in the middle of the head for instance. In the sideview you need more shape to define the head. Find some good pics for the side view.

-His feet are too small. And they should have more shape is a good place to find some heads.

12 December 2003, 01:36 PM
ok so after mush contemplation, we decided to give characters faces, so if added a face and taken soe of you crits in to account which i thank you all for giving. i need some real info on this faces topology and how well you think it will animate. thanks :)

01 January 2004, 11:29 PM
err please can i get some replies ?

01 January 2004, 11:54 PM
You might wanne check out this tut on face modelling. Its for a high poly model but a lot about it goes for a low poly face. Check out the topology on that model

01 January 2004, 07:25 PM
hey thanks for the crit i think the topoly of the face i done is very similar to that, but your prolly more experienced than me so ill try and make my topology more like that, i think im ready for texturing so hopefully the next pic youll see will be textured. :)

Btw i prefer box modelling rather than extrusion :)thanks for all you crits


01 January 2004, 08:47 PM
even when i copy and paste, I get sent right back to here.

01 January 2004, 08:54 PM
ok im woprking on it !!

01 January 2004, 08:59 PM
err this is for those of you couldnt view the armour
crits are extremely welcome

01 January 2004, 07:09 AM
Is there a reason you've modeled the armor as separate objects? If you need to swap geometry to accomodate changes in character appearance the easiest thing to do is to segment your model and swap out those parts that change ie. thighs, chest, forearms, upper arms, head, etc. Look at the ut2k3 models that ship with the game for examples of well designed segmented models. In that case the segmentation allows the models to be blown apart, 1 shot head kills, ballistic amputation, etc.

My point is you're wasting polygons with this approach that could be better spent adding detail if you used segmented body parts. Maybe you have a reason for pursuing this approach and if that's the case please disregard my statement.

Good luck.


01 January 2004, 07:21 AM
All of the humanoid chars and some beast creature can wear armor in the game. THere will be MANY types and making it seperate make it eay to animate the armor and the char. (ie when the arm moves the arm gountlet or shoulder pad with move a little) also saves us from having to make about 200 versions of the same model with different armor textures and looks. Know what I mean?

01 January 2004, 02:47 AM
yeah what he said, i could not have put it better.

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