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12 December 2003, 08:55 AM
3 Quick basic questions.

1. Ive selected part of a layer, just a circle, and want two of them in the same layer. How do i go about duplicating the selection?

2. Scaling. Ive selected part of a layer which i want the same size as the base layer. So how do i go about scaling that selection up to match the background?

3. Not sure if this can be done but. If i select a shep on one layer is it possible to get that current selection onto another layer?

12 December 2003, 11:45 AM
1. There's no perfect way to do this but you can do the next.
- Make a selection.
- Goto Select > Save Selection and save the selection.
- On the canvas move the current selection to a position where you want the selection to be duplicated.
- Once you have that goto Selection > Load Selection and select the selection you have saved. Set Operation to Add to Selection and click OK. You now have the same selection in different ways.
You can also use Channels pallete for this procedure as Load/Save Selection works with channels. When you have saved the selection and moved it, simply goto Channels pallete, find the channel with the name you have saved, hold down Ctrl+Shift and click on that channel. Your current selection will be altered.

2. If your base layer is the same width/height as the document size then do next.
- Goto view and check Snap ( Ctrl+Shift+; ). Make sure Snap To is set to Document Bounds.
- After that select the layer you want to scale, press Ctrl+T and transform the layer so that the bounding box snaps to the document bounds.

If you want a layer to be scaled to a size which is not document size then you could do this.
- Goto View and check Rulers (Ctrl+R) ans Snap as well. Make sure Snap To Guides is enabled as well.
- Make a selection of the layer you want other layer to be scaled to.
- Keeping the selection press on the rulers and move your mouse towards the bounds of the selection. You will notice that the Guide lines snap to the bounds of the selection. Do so for each size of the overall selection to have a rect ouf of guide lines.
- Remove the selection. Select the layer to transform and scale it to the size of that guided rect. And that's it.

3. Selection is universal, meaning it doesn't have a layer to parent from.. something like that. So yes, if you make a selection you can use it on any raster layer.

12 December 2003, 01:38 AM
Well, here is my answers based on my syle.

1. To duplicate a selection on one layer. Make sure you have the mover tool selcted. Hold Alt and move the layer. Presto! You have two.

2. Same as wolver1ne. Transform layer. :)

3. (Concurring with wolver1ne). Seletions are not layer-dependant. If you mean copying the contents of a selection onto another layer, a simple copy/paste does that. Also, if you want to save that selection for future use, you can create a layer in the channels tab and fill your selection with black.


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