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Title: Little sister - Bioshock
Name: Michael Blackshore
Country: Sweden
Software: Modo, Photoshop, ZBrush

I thought it would be cool to test out how the Little sisters in Bioshock 2 would look like if I pushed it a bit further!
This is my first attempt at using the SSS shader in modo!

The model itself was sculpted from 1 real reference and from the game. Combining them to, the character did not look generic as they looked in the game.

Sculpt: Zbrush
Retopo, Paint, UV, Render: Modo
Post: Photoshop

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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Here is a Live render test with HDRI (

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I realise that you've posted this as a finished piece but I think there are quite a few things you could do to improve this. If not on this image, then maybe your next project :)

Even in a stylised character there are some unusual anatomy choices that I think could be improved with the benefit of comparing to some real life reference.

The top half of her skull looks very tall and cubic. It's hard to make out the ears but they definitely look small compared to the rest of her features and it also looks as though they are gradually forming from the side of her head rather than having a definitive shape of their own. This isn't helped by the sudden lack of hair around them.

The shape of the nostrils, the form of the lips and the shape/thickness of the eyelids are all things that I would advise comparing to reference. Taking the eyes for example, you can see a black gap on her left eye where the eyeball doesn't meet the lids.

The transition of the hairline is quite harsh and the hairs themselves look very regular. This gives the impression of dolls hair pushed into plastic. I think this is exacerbated by the shading on her skin which feels very hard and greasy at the moment. The texture for the skin also looks very blotchy, this could be from the lighting but it makes it hard to understand the underlying shape (looking at her right cheek for example).

Her dress looks as though it is moulded from one object, the collar should be a separate piece of fabric folded over the top. The UVs for the pattern also need some serious work as there are numerous errors and it's also not clear what the strange black fold/mark on her sleeve is.

Finally (sorry!) the composition... When you have a character looking off in one direction it's a good idea to open up that side of the frame. By cropping it off to the right (the way she is facing) and showing more of the background to the left you've got a feeling of unbalance, it draws the eye to the left which doesn't really add anything to the image as a whole.

Once again, my apologies for the lengthy list and as I said, feel free to ignore all of the above. I just think this feels more like a work in progress and that spending a little time on those points could really help.

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Oh Thank you!
Yes, there is allot of improvement needed.
I haven't done that much realistic rendering before and there is allot to learn.

I can affect the shape of the hair, but I'm not sure if I can push the modo hair shader further, it is known do look like crap. I'm thinking of making the next one with Vray or MR.

The skin I will look closer on for next projects.
Good thing that you pointed out composition, since there is allot of knowledge lacking in that area.

The shirt does not have have UV problem, but it does have a non experienced painter problem. =P
It's technically a rip in the mesh, there is skin underneth/showing in the rip... but
I think that the rip is to clean, and thats why it looks funky.

I will use this critique for my upcoming peace!
Thank you, and don't be sorry. I'm happy that you gave honest feedback!
Positive critique may make you feel better, but you won't evolve as much. =)

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