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12 December 2003, 07:40 PM
My first car, made in 3dsmax5

12 December 2003, 08:16 PM
nice model. very nice tires.
maybe you should try to put the car on a simple plane background or something less crowded. The picture grabs the attention from the car.

12 December 2003, 08:27 PM
Definitely a tight model. The background pic however takes away from the realism because it appears it was taken while driving. Note the motion blur streaks at the base of the pic, tey the car in frame is definitley static.

Dig up another scenic, static shot and try rendering again for that one.

As for the car itself, the model is very well built, but the materials need a bit of work. The car definitely needs to be shinier and have that wet-glossy look to it. You can then tone it down with a spec channel to make it look more real.

Good stuff!

12 December 2003, 08:32 PM
I agree great model.

Did use box modelling, I've been trying to model cars for years, you nailed it on your first one. Great work!

you should look up rendering cars, theres a whole forum dedicated to the sort of thing, with car model like that you might do all the modelling work some justice by having a better render.

12 December 2003, 02:24 AM
thanks :)
here is a new render

very very
12 December 2003, 02:41 AM
nice ~~~~ :thumbsup:

12 December 2003, 02:45 AM
Ya, the pic with the orange paint is much better, since it's got some some reflection going on. I think that was the one big thing missing from the pic pics you posted.

Nice work

12 December 2003, 04:59 AM
yea the orange si way better then the yellow, good job:thumbsup:

12 December 2003, 05:20 AM
oooh, me likey orange!

Awesome job. Sky lighting could use some more sampling (both to get crisper shadows and to eliminate the blotchiness), Brazil is lightning fast for beautifully crisp skylight shadows.

But hey, I always give a critique, especially exotic cars, this is awesome.

12 December 2003, 01:01 PM
thanks ewery one, and im going to fix the stuf you said in the next render:)

01 January 2004, 11:15 AM
Excellent modelling. For a first attempt as well. hats off. Maybe you could revisit the texturing of the car. You have a good eye and i feel you could do a much better job on the paint work. Well done though.

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