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12 December 2003, 04:38 PM
Hey, new to maya
i have to a character that i animated, but i want to add a weapon for him , do u know if i can bind a object into a already setuped skeleton???? if so how?

Matt Leishman
12 December 2003, 05:21 PM
if you can get your character back to a bind pose, you can add all the new objects you desire using the skin binding route.

although may i suggest that if you are looking to add a weapon to your character's rig, try doing it with constraints. they will allow your character to be manipulated quicker because maya won't have to be calculating all these additional bound deformation information for an additional piece of geometry (the weapon). And you wouldn't even need to get your character back to a bind pose (which can be a hassle sometimes) when using constraints.

I suggest creating a group node above your weapon geometry, so you've got a topmost node that controls the transforms of your weapon. make sure its pivot is somewhere on the weapon, and not at its default position (the xyz origin of the scene). now create some kind of node that will be parented to the hand joint (I just use a locator, its easy to see and identify). call this locator WeaponLoc or something. now with this locator parented to the hand of the character, you can point and orient constrain (or I guess now you could use a parent constraint) the top weapon node to the locator. you may have to tweak with the position of the locator to get the gun right where you need it in his hand, but I think you'll find it easier to use your character in maya if you do something like this instead of binding it to your character. besides, if you ever want to animate him dropping his weapon, you could do that using this route, whereas if you bound it to the rig, then you wouldn't be able to do such an animation.

good luck

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