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06 June 2002, 06:44 PM
:lightbulb I recently laid out a schedule of tasks for me to complete in order to tone my porfolio more toward the game industry. My aim is to be either a modeler, animator or texture aritis. Possible alittle of all three. What I need from all of you is your knowledge. I'm haveing trouble coming up with exactly how long each assignment should take, also I'm unsure of present day polycounts, texture map size and what most companies are looking for as far as poly layout goes. Any advice would be greatly appriciated. The list-

Assignments to do for portfolio
-To be completed in any order-
*must have final concept sketch before modeling any assignment*

3 days-Model a male battle harden space marine, complete with battle armor, walkie-talkie, and shoulder light. 1600 poly limit, mouth must be able to open and close for speaking and face must be laid out to express some emotions. 3, 512 Texture maps can be used. Also model a weapon of 400 poly limit. 1, 512 Texture map.(max)

3 days-Model a female mage. 1600 poly limit, mouth must be able to open and close fo rspeaking and face must be laid out ot express some emotions. 3, 512 texture maps can be used. Also model a small sprite to fly with her, included in poly limit. (max)

1 day-Model a space ship, 1000 poly limit. 1, 512 texture map.(max)

2 days-Model a siege defense tower made of stone with two spiked balls handing from chains supended on the tower. Must be able to rotate the crane spiked balls for swing at enemies. 1000 poly limit. 2, 512 texture maps. (max)

4 days each-Model a detailed Male and female face in Sub-D and rig for facial animation using bones instead of blendshapes. Texture in photoshop. Also must add hair and some distintive feature. (maya)

3 weeks-Model a detailed goblin inventor in Sub-D and rig for for facial animation and skin for somesort of animation.(struggleing to get out of a builder's harness) Lay out UVís and paint in photoshop (maya)

2 days-Model an alien for our space marine to fight. 1600 poly limit with moveable mouth for chewing our marine to bits. 2-512 texture maps.(max)

2 weeks-Model, light, animate a cursed forrest enviroment with a witches hut. (maya)

-Finish Website!(Dreamweaver)

Thanks again,

06 June 2002, 11:52 PM
Looks like you've got a good start as long as you can keep up that pace.

06 June 2002, 06:14 AM
Are you gonna post your work as you complete it?

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