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03 March 2013, 06:56 AM
Hello and welcome to a new session of Speed Modelling.

As requests for a SMC comitted to environment came up, we will dedicate some SMCs about this topic.

For a start I think we should make it simple.

Our environment will be needed for a dungeon-based game. So we will need long passages and bigger rooms for fights.
Many games start with an underground dungeon - will it be some kind of catacomb, secret passage to a castle, sewerage - you name it. Think about what YOU want to do, cause you will be the designer. Look up some reference of games that come into your mind, and make design choices about the walls, ceiling and floor - these are the parts we will focus on.
Don't think about details laying around, focus on the broader parts. Think about pillars and archs - variating your walls and floor.

You can also skip the part of thinking about your own design - if you don't have confidence in this. Then your have to decide from what game (or film) you want to model the passage-way. Collect as much reference as you can.

So, for the modelling:
Make advantage of repeating parts - model it once. As for a game you will only need it once than transfere it to the game engine and there they will be set together to a full level.
Therefore the parts should match and should be interchangeable with another.

And, since we want to make it easy: keep it even with the ground.
Think about what might only be textured and what you should model! Since this is for a game it should be low poly. (you can also texture it later and messure also your time on this - an employer would certainly like to know)

So for a full level we might need:
ceiling parts (for walls on both sides, for a crosssection, some alternation)
floors (goes the same)
walls (they can be rotated in the needed direction so it might not be necessary to make some for corners - but you might need some different types to make it more interesting)
arcks/pillars/inbetweens - for this think about the setting - what will fit and will be needed for your walls?

You can also sculpt detail and save it out as normal map.

Please use this thread as WIP - share with us some of your references and thoughts.

Time for each part with alternations 1 hour, but feel free to add extra time if needed.

03 March 2013, 10:03 AM
Sorry about the delay of posts. I'm preoccupied with work and other things. I will make the level this weekend.

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