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12 December 2003, 06:15 AM
The model is in a pose where the feet are slightly spread apart. That means the leg bones need to be rotated slightly outward, in order to match up with the geometry.
After the IK handles have been added, when performing the group operation on the feet (makin reverse foot setup) the group is oriented to work coordinates (see attached pic). I think this setup is similar to what J.Schleifer uses, where the groups are the pivots for the IK handles.
Sure, I could edit the local rotation axis of the groups by eye in order to line it up with the bones, but the inaccuracy of this leads to a rotation in X,Y and Z in the effected joints (ankle, ball) when manipulating the grouped IK handles.

Just wondering if this is acceptable, or if I'm setting myself up for problems later on during animation. *slowly starting to realize the stupidity of this question*

Are their other solutions? For example, I've tried creating the groups ahead of time, aligning them with the joints (temp orient/trans constraints), then throwin the ik handles in the group... but it tweaks out. Also could try and rig everything out while the joints are straight, then rotate the leg to match the geometry, after rigging, but will it tweak out when I skin?

Sorry if this is a pointless/confusing question, but it's times like this when I could really use the experience/advice of the pros. I guess accepting the simplist solution scares me, especially when I know that more complicated bone structures will throw me this same curveball... but probably times ten.

Thanks in advance.

- Jeremy

12 December 2003, 08:03 PM
I usuall parent the group under the joint, then zero the group out, then unparent it.. that way it's aligned with the joint, but not a child (or constrained) to the joint.

see if that works for ya! :)

12 December 2003, 10:07 PM
I guess you could say that that did the trick. Everything kinda (literally) popped into place. ;)

Mental note: Move trans node (containing IK handles) around before dismissing solution as a failure.

Validation is a good thing. My rig and sanity thank you Jason.

- Jeremy

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