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02 February 2013, 06:24 PM
Can anyone please provide any opinion on newly started VFX academy covering maya, houdini,nuke and pftrack.

Here is a website link:

I am confused between Lost boys, Vanarts, CG masters academy.
I am more interested about CG academy because their faculties are highly experienced. Mostly 30+ movie working experience.

So kindly please give me your opinion on this. Thank you.

02 February 2013, 03:36 AM
"Most of the staff have 30+ years experience?" That claim would make me skeptical... What did they do over 30 years ago in VFX?

I always advise contacting the schools and going on a tour if you can. Also, look at the student reels, you can learn a great deal by looking at the work they have done.

Do they get to work on personal projects or just group projects? How much material will you have to use on your demo reel?

If it is group projects only, then you may have a more difficult time showing a recruiter what work is yours. Another thing to consider is if the group works well together you may have a really great shot, but if the group doesn't work well together then the group could bring your work down (I had a friend experience this at a game school).

In the industry you will have to work as a team, that is true, but when you are trying to show your strengths, school is the place to develop your skills and show them off. Make sure the school offers at least one group project, but that you also have a chance to show off your skills on your own.

I would say the most important thing you can do is research. Ask to speak to alumni and find out how they feel about their schooling, even try to speak to current students if you can. Make sure you talk to more than one and don't go by just the names the school tells you, ask for access to everyone. If a school will not give you access ask why? What are they hiding?

Also, if they only have industry professionals who are still working full-time and teaching, they will likely only teach at night or when their schedule permits. If they have a tight deadline, what happens if they can not come in to teach? What will you be given as a substitute?

Lots to think about...

All the best and good luck!

06 June 2013, 04:01 PM
To clarify, I believe that was 30+ "movies", not years.

rufiorufio, one would expect that a student would rather have a faculty of veteran masters teaching them in the evening than unemployed, non-current teachers during the day. They are investing a year and a significant amount of money and expect the best. Do the hours really matter that much?

Agreed on most points, though, potential students should very carefully research schools, speak to students, be wary of schools that won't allow this, and get a clear picture of a curriculum directly from the school or a student without taking the word of someone who has not attended.


Nicholas Boughen
CG Masters

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06 June 2013, 04:01 PM
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