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01 January 2013, 09:42 PM
Hello guys :)

So let me first introduce myself, I am an aspiring 3D artist from Serbia, I'm 19 years old and last year I finished highschool. Due to a lack of decent animation and art schools in my country and lack of finances to go to an international college, I haven't made it to a college last year. Instead, I poured my heart and soul into improving my 3D skills and creating my demo reel and I'm still working on the reel.

I've been reading lately about getting an internship because I have no work experience and I am uncertain of where to start even once I have a Demo Reel. In order to get an internship, most places require you to be a student at a college so I've been thinking of trying to find a good college which teaches 3D animation and art that I can either afford or get a scholarship at as an international student.

I really need advice on where to direct my actions next. I've looked up a couple of colleges: One is Sheridan College (Bachelor of Animation) which has a pretty affordable tuition compared to all of the other overpriced colleges but I don't really know anything about that college other than what the site says. Another one that seems really good is SCAD but the the only way I could ever afford to get into SCAD is by a scholarship, the full tuition one that you get by artistic achievement (I could apply with my demo reel). Really, considering my situation, my best bet would be apply for multiple scolarships and hope for the best. Please share any other colleges and opportunities that you might know.

I am willing to work really hard for my dream and I haven't stopped working non-stop from the day I graduated higschool, but I don't know what to do, at times I feel like my situation is hopeless, considering where I live and how bad the situation here is. But nevertheless, I will try to succeed until I do, cause life ain't worth living if I don't live it to the fullest :)

Here's something I'm currently working on just to get a grasp of where my level of knowledge is.

Besides 3D I have experience as a graphic designer and music composer (, and I've worked with a broad set of tools and software. I don't know how relevant that is but want to add anything that might help my case.

Thanks a lot for reading guys, I really appreciate anyone that responds! :)

01 January 2013, 10:36 PM
Looks like you're not short in the talent department. What about Crater Studio? Do you think there are any opportunities there?

I think the music background is perfect. We had an intern a couple of years ago that was just moving boxes around for the summer. He was a music major in college. We sat him down a workstation one day, had him do a few online tutorials and within a few weeks, we converted him. He is now a part-time 3d generalist and VFX artist with us and changed his major to animation. We had him switch colleges to better serve our purposes. He graduates in a few months with a full time gig. His timing in animation is impeccable. I attribute that to his music background.

01 January 2013, 12:41 AM
Thanks for the reply, I will definitely check out crater studio once I finish my demo reel, getting an internship or a job there would be a great start. Still, I'd like to hear a few more opinions...

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