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01 January 2013, 07:38 PM
hi there i'm new one on cgforum
I now study the book "Mel scripting for maya animators" and have problem.
I try to make example
Chapter 4 Controlling Particles with Expressions

I create curve1 and emiter1 and under CurveShape1
i try to run runtime after dynamics expression...

float $scaleOffset = 0.2;

float $pos[] = `pointOnCurve -pr (age) -p curve1`;
float $tan[] = `pointOncurve -pr (age) -nt curve1`;
float $norm[] = `pointOnCurve -pr (age) -nn curve1`;

vector $posvec = <<$pos[0], $pos[1], $pos[2]>>;
vector $tanvec = <<$tan[0], $tan[1], $tan[2]>>;
vector $normvec = <<$norm[0], $norm[1], $norm[2]>>;

vector $norm2vec = cross ($tanvec, $normvec);

position = $posvec + ($scaleOffset*$normvec*cos(age*20))+($scaleOffset*$norm2vec*sin(age*20));

And is again and again give me error massage... :drool:

// Error: line 3: Cannot find procedure "pointOncurve". //
// Error: An execution error occurred in the runtime after dynamics expression for prticleShape1. //

Please help! Why is procedure "pointOnCurve" doesn't work? :shrug:

01 January 2013, 02:03 PM
I'm not familiar with particles scripting but, obviously, you forgot the uppercase :

float $tan[] = `pointOnCurve -pr (age) -nt curve1`;

and not :

float $tan[] = `pointOncurve -pr (age) -nt curve1`;

(assuming that "(age)" is a float or a float variable like $age)

01 January 2013, 02:41 PM
Many Thanks! Problem is solved!

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