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12 December 2003, 01:30 AM
Another object I'm adding to my reel. Submitting portfolio this week.

Info: Abrahms Tank
<2000 polys
Max 5
texture in progress

C&C welcome


12 December 2003, 01:37 AM
wheels too thin, and the blurriness of the images obstructs my proper critique of the mesh, post a clean wire.

12 December 2003, 12:45 PM
Damn you had me sweating for a second...
I modeled an M1A2 awhile back, low poly of course.

I agree with the previous post, wheels need to be wider and the tracks are too beefy.

But so far pretty good.

12 December 2003, 11:34 PM
in addition to whats been stated about the wheels, etc.

pic of how wheels look - the very first roller is just a bit farther 'forward' then the rest. If you look closely, you can see this in the pic.

1. gun breech is wrong. it should slant just like the turret and it has a coaxal machine gun on the right side (cant see in pic).

2. if that thick cylinder is a spotlight, remove it. M1s do not use big spots like that. If its a hatch , thin it out. They are never that thick. M1s alsos have two hatches on top and two machine guns.
the hatch on the right 'looks' thick in this pic, but its not. what your seeing its the fold-down back brace for the tanker to fire that machine gun laid over the hatch.

3. The tall box on the back of the turret is the wind sensor ? if it is, make it much thinner (about twice as thick as the antenna)

4. your turret basket is completely wrong. Its not 3 baskets, but one that wraps around the back of the turret

i dont know what the deal is with the images, both are blurry, but the bottom looks like its been squashed.

the biggest difference between a M1 and the variants are the rear sprocket and the additional commanders sight. i just wanted to mention this so you dont add a part from on type of tank and the other from the other tank :)

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