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12 December 2012, 04:38 PM
I am looking into taking this course sense I was not able to get into the 3 year program and if you do good in this program then you can transfer into there 3 year program and the credits transfer over. I admit that my traditional skills could use some tightening up and it never hurts to become better at these skills.

I am wondering if there is any artist on here that have taken this course all the way through and what they think about it? Why I am at it are there any Gnomon alumni that were rather happy with the 3 or 2 year programs the school offers?

Thanks for all your help :)

01 January 2013, 09:35 AM
So sadly no one posted on this thread and I decide to go ahead and go to the 1 year program at Gnomon and try to get into the 3 year after words. I talked to some upper classmates and Brian, guy who runs Student Services, and the word is just because you are in the 1 year you are not promised squat that you will get into the 3 year program. But I am optimistic and felt that chance to network, make a influence on the professors, and learn from people who actually are working in the field and are not fine artist like back home in Colorado was worth it.

I am spending more ultimitly (Around 10k I believe) by doing this but to hell with it I need to move forward and colorado is not the place to network. I learned one thing in my life that networking is just as important as having the skills to do the job you can not get a job with out both.

I also started a blog "" for any one who wants to read about my experiences at the school my goal is to post at least once a week giving information about the school from a students point of view. Now I can't say EVERYTHING about gnomon as some of the stuff is protected from the public but I will give as much possible information I can to help aid other possible artist choice on weather gnomon is the place for them and if the 1 year track is worth the bottom line of $16,500.

If you have questions shoot me a pm here or on the blog and I be happy to answer them.

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01 January 2013, 09:35 AM
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