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11 November 2012, 10:19 AM

I need some advice on what parts to buy for my new comp. My budget is around 900 € and I need a case, all the inside parts and also a monitor. I'll need it for PS, C4D, InDesign, Illustrator and League of Legends game. (its all just a hobby and for school)

Anyway, i have been looking for a long time for what to buy and I've come up with this:

MONITOR: Dell UltraSharp U2312HM (
CPU: Intel i7 3770(K) or i5 3750(K) (not going to overclock, maybe in the future)
GPU: Intel HD 4000 (from the cpu). For saving a lot of money. I'll be buying a dedicated one maybe in the summer next year. Tell me if thats a bad idea, and why.
MoBo: Don't have a clue. Really need help on this one. Don't need anything fancy...just to fit the parts in. Also, if i won't OC, will this make the mobo cheaper too?
PSU: Corsair "Gaming Series™" 600W Bronze or Seasonic S12II Bronze 620W
RAM: Corsair PC3-12800 KIT "Vengeance" 8192 MB, DDR III, 1600 MHz
CASE: Cooler Master Silencio 650 ( or Fractal Design Define R4 ( (im worried about cooling on these cases, but I like the design and silence....worth it?)
HDD: Seagate ST1000DM003 "Barracuda"1000 GB, Serial ATA III, 64 MB
DRIVE: Samsung SH-S224BB

So my main worries are about the CPUs (i know i7 is better for rendering, which is what i want....but is it too pricey for my build?), HD4000, PSU (too cheap?), case (what kind of price tag, cooling) and MoBo. Any input would be highly appreciated.



11 November 2012, 12:53 PM
Looks like a nice build.

From the benchmarks, it looks like the built in Intel graphics perform about the same at a $30-60 discreet GPU. It would work, but you might want to get a regular GPU sooner rather than later.

Its always a good idea to grab a full size ATX board if you've got room. Anything in the $120USD range should hit the spot if your not doing extreme OC'ing. It looks like almost all of the 1155 ATX boards support OC'ing.

I would recommend grabbing a 40-100GB solid state drive to go along with your hard drive. They really make a difference.

Those cases would both be fine. The Ivy Bridge stuff runs pretty cool.


11 November 2012, 03:51 PM
Thanks for the feedback AJ1. Still confused weather I should buy i5 or i7? Is there only the factor of price or is i7 going to be an overkill in my setup?

Also what about the power supply. I named two in the setup, Corsair is 20 € cheaper, is there a reason for not buying this one?

Anyone else's thoughts on this machine would be also greatly appreciated. (:



11 November 2012, 04:17 PM
Go for the i7 if you can afford it. It helps with 3D rendering.

I would look on Newegg, and see what PSU has the best reviews. 620w is probably about twice that you'll need, but I guess there's no reason to go smaller. That CPU will draw under 100w with overclocking. I don't think Newegg ships to Europe, but Its great for reading reviews.


11 November 2012, 08:27 PM
Looked into some reviews for motherboards and found GIGABYTE GA-Z77-D3H ( It has quite good reviews and it is 110 €, which is reasonable for my budget. Can anyone please comment on this one?



11 November 2012, 01:24 PM
I would recommend grabbing a 40-100GB solid state drive to go along with your hard drive. They really make a difference.

On a 900 euro machine without a gfx card, the last thing on his list would be an SSD

11 November 2012, 02:00 PM
The 40GB internal SSDs are only about $60USD (around 40 euro) now. They've like halved in price this year alone.

Its nice for your OS and your main programs, and perhaps your current project files.

11 November 2012, 04:47 PM
Yea, I agree that SSD is a great performance boost, as hdd is the slowest part of the computer. I'll buy it as soon as I get a decent graphic card. Next year. I'm also getting an i5 now, due to tight budget, sadly.

11 November 2012, 07:00 PM
Just ordered:

monitor: DELL UltraSharp U2312HM
case: Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl
mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
cpu: i5 3570K
ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600mhz
psu: SeaSonic M12II 620W
hdd: Seagate Barracuda 1TB
drive: Samsung SH-S224BB drive

The cost is precisely 900 €. And yes, I can still cancel something if anyone sees a poor decision in my build!

Thank you AJ1,


11 November 2012, 05:10 PM
Cool man, good luck with your build!

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