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11 November 2012, 12:02 AM
Greetings I am new to the forums and want to work in this type of industry. That is my eventual goal. For now I am going to VVC while they have a nice CIDG program I have to move on to university eventually. Before working with CIDG I wanted to go to San Francisco State University but after finding that I want to work in this kind of field I found out about Full Sail University I like the school but I've heard its expensive and financial aid wont cover it. So I was wondering are there any schools on the West Coast that offer things like it? Also are there any scholarships out there for things like this that a beginner might do well in?

12 December 2012, 12:30 AM
There is a sticky with in the top of this form with several of your answers on school choice. First off you need to decide what in the fiddle of CG you want to do if you don't know then take some classes at a local college or online tutorial till something clicks.

Next you need to learn you fundamentals either way you slice it CG is just another form of ART and like ART the fundamentals are VARY important. Go to and look in the forms for several good books and the community is great there for 2D art. If you are lacking in this pending on your budget I go in this order:
No money? Look for tutorial online
A little money? Get some books and DVD tutorials and start practicing
Lots of money? Take some classes at your local college in Art classes such as sculpting / life drawing / Conception

Either way you slice it art is something we observe and try and reproduce and if you struggle to do it on paper then you need to develop your eye more a screen and keyboard / mouse is not going to make it "better" its just a tool.

Ok now you got a good grasp on tradition art and feel confident in your choice of what field in CG you want to go for awesome! Its time to do some research on school! Scour the internet on every article you can find on the path you want to take and what schools offer that area of studding. I personally feel a school that offers as few fluff classes as possible is better then a university education but that's me. Here are the things I look for in a school when I did this my 2nd time around and wised up from my first time doing this:

1) Instructors that STILL work in the industry they teach and have notable accomplishments. You want people who teach you that actually have done what they are teaching no from theory. For instance I rather learn animation from a professional animator who works for Pixar then some one who just graduated with a Animation degree and found a teaching gig... (Westwood I am looking at you)

2) The school is connected with industry. Donít take the student placement department word that they have a 99% placement rate and are ďinĒ with the 3D scene. No get a list of 10 students that graduated from the last class names and hunt them down. Ask them if the school helped them land there first gig and what they thought of the school. A un happy customer will tell you if their angry and why there angry without a second thought so use this.

3) Look over the curriculum and post it on some 3D forms for what you want to train in and get other professional opinions donít take the blank slate that Degree X will make you a 3D character Modeler. Remember that any place you pick needs to have some kind of Portfolio set up in it so that it can get your most important part ready before they boot you out the door.

So thatís it I wan the school to be trained by real professionals, connected with the industry, and have a high placement rate. Also I like to look for schools that require some kind of portfolio to enter because that means they donít take any Joe off the street and think they can place them. A portfolio is a sign of your dedication and a bare of your current skill. It should be used to take a snap shot of your abilities as a arts showing what you do and do not know. It will be the thing that will get you your first job.

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