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12 December 2003, 01:50 AM
so my final project for computer animation II: character animation is due in two days, and the course has been pretty sub-page all the way through. with that said, i'd like to hand in a final this ISN'T sub-par, but if I can't get past this problem, it's entirely plausible that i will.

when i first rigged my model the professor didn't really do any teaching in rigging- he handed us a video of someone rigging and told us to follow it. follow i did, and i ended up with pivot points that were far out of wack- at the time i was happy that i could even get the leg of my character to move, and noticing the way it moved wasn't in my focus.

so then i animated a walkcycle and i noticed the character moving his legs in a very strange fashion- they'd tend to want to go in circles or take the long route to wherever i was telling it to animated, creating for a very bad, bad walk cycle. however, i brushed it off and continued animating, primarily the upper body. actually, solely the upper body. with two days left i decided that i'd fix up the walk cycle and really work over the body-animation as a whole. the first step was to rotate the pivots- something i had heard about but never actually done. it went well, and i was able to get them how i wanted, so i began my walk cycle all over again. five hours later at 5am, I was pretty much at where i wanted it, so i saved out the scene, closed, went to bed.

i woke up today to open lightwave and find that my legs had done something i'd scene before, but always just ignored and opened a previously saved filed. you can see what i mean:

i've been told that generally the cause of this in lightwave is by not "saving all objects" in the scene file after messing around with bones and then animating them, perhaps something to do with the idea that the model doesn' remember what i've done with the bones, but layout does. so the final question: how do i fix this? is it possible or should i just cut to the chase and restart my walkcycle.


12 December 2003, 02:36 AM
i found what i was looking for. record rest position.

12 December 2003, 09:11 AM
Yup, sounds like you solved the problem...

However just remember to reset your bones in their *default* positions FIRST. Its easy to accidentally rest the bones with IK on, and then find they don't align with the model properly any more.

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