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12 December 2003, 01:18 PM

Book cover created for an up coming novel by writer Steve Newman. Characters morph targets modeled with Poser and rendered with Alias Maya. Trees, sunset skyline clothing, hair, skin textures and special effects painted with Photoshop. There is much more detail in the textures than what you can see here.


12 December 2003, 01:27 PM
looks cool! For a starters I don't care you used poser, you used it right that's all what matters. I love the hair of both characters, and also good job on the cloths. I like the worn out look.

Only thing that blows up a little is that the shadows on the bodies are too sharp. Blur them out some more.

12 December 2003, 01:49 PM
Looking good. Making such an image by using Poser doesn't bother me. Great Pose on the characters. The only thing that bothers me about the image is the shadows cast on the characters. They are way to sharp, the trees that cast those characters are many meters away and therefore the shadows should be more blurred.

12 December 2003, 05:15 PM
ok,i dont care if you used poser or not either but there are several things about this that bothers me,but hey if you sold it for use on a book cover then more power to ya....

first of all,the first thing that strikes me is the cameras main position
you can see the space above their heads is a great distance but you cant see their feet,to me its making the picture look bad

second,the shadows you put there to make the trees look as tho they are casting on these people looks really bad,its like a texture layer on them,it doenst have and direction of influence and doesnt look convinceing in any manner

third,the lighting doesnt reflect the way the backdrop is suggesting,you know like its dawn or dusk in the backdrop but the lighting and once again the shadows from the leaves makes it look unrealistic or unnatural,the backdrop itself is ok you need to reflect that lighting atmosphere into the foreground but lighten it a little around the characters to make the characters look pronouced

fourth,the girls eyes look really off,her left eye almost looks like its swollen and her right eye looks sleepy or dazed,also on her face i dont know if its the lighting (again)or the textures but her face looks dirty or just plain beaten up,like for instance her cheek bone looks swollen also,her hair i know is supposed to look messy but i dont get why it turns black as soon as it hits her shirt,maybe its strong shadows that are making it look like the hair instead of the hair itself

fifth,he looks pretty good but again the lighting from those leaves is making him look plastic,there should again be some fuzzing or blurring to the shadows as light does bend,one thing i noticed about him also is the legs look really off,the calves suggest this dude is buffed but yet from his knees to his thighs look really thin and not in contrast with the rest of his"build",i dunno if you painted his clothes on or not but his clothes look way different then does hers,the edges of her clothes are crisp but yet all but the "hem line" of his is blurred,his legs look way too smooth also

i dunno,looks good its just a few things i saw,hope this helps

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