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11 November 2012, 07:13 PM

question about submitting script jobs to a renderfarm.

At the moment I have for particle caching (multi caches) the following workflow: a script in Maya creates a .bat-file and a MEL. Doubleclicking on the bat-file will launch maybatch.exe which will source the MEL through -command. In the MEL-file I have the partioExport-command that exports the particles as ptcs nested in a for-loop for the multicaches. So all particles get exported on one machine.

So far so good... But what if I want to submit the script job to a render-manager (deadline or RenderPal). Do I have to submit one script-job for every multicache? How do I easily create and submit a mayabatch job to deadline? An where do I place my partioExport-command?

Maybe someone can point me in the right direction? I'm lost somehow ..

Many thanks..

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11 November 2012, 07:13 PM
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