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11 November 2012, 12:08 PM
Hello there guys,

I have just graduated high school and I have interests on being a 3d animator, hoping to work in either the Film or Video game industry.

I live in Vancouver and I have done some research about schools. What really concerns me are the tuition fees for schools such as VanArts and VFS ( ranging from $27k-$30k), and I am not really sure if it is practical to invest that much money on a 12 month program.

I have done some research and I found out about the Digital animation program at Capilano University. As I search the internet, I have found out that they have a pretty good reputation in the industry.

What I am concerned about is that the program is rather very short (only 8 months) and I have read some blogs of previous students about the program and they say that it isn't enough time to properly learn everything, rather, you have to focus on mainly 1 thing to "properly" learn the discipline of focus.

Cap-University also offers a 2 year commercial animation program that optionally transitions to the 8-month Digital Animation program.

Overall I think the programs offered at Capilano University are far more practical than the ones offered at the private design schools, and that is mainly the reason why I am considering going into Capilano.

My question now is, would taking a traditional animation program help me become a better 3d animator? And would it be better to take the Commercial Animation program before taking the Digital Animation program? And, what do you think about the programs offered at Vanarts/ VFS, are they worth the 27k-30k for 1 year, and is 1 year enough to properly get started into becoming a 3d artist?

Please help me out guys. :eek: I can't really decide on what to do. TY

11 November 2012, 07:40 PM
I do not know anything about the schools you mentioned, but just a friendly reminder that digital animation tools are just that--tools. Where ever you go you need to understand the fundamentals of traditional animation, lighting, physics, etc. If you don't understand these basic things, digital tools won't hide your short comings. Having a good working understanding of the basics will make your time spent with digital tools that much more productive.

If I misunderstood the intent of your question, I apologize.

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11 November 2012, 07:40 PM
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