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10 October 2012, 09:05 PM
Hello all,

I was viewing this forums for over 5 years and I believe it's time that I make some posts.
First of all my name is Jonathan (you can call me Jon) I am an artist from Israel.
I had my studies at high school of art and art history and as every Israel grown up (18) I had to go to the army.
After 3 years, I kinda lost my "grip" in the hands and also some of my inspiration.
After watching or should I say admiring the wonderful stuff many artists upload here I got my passion back but I stumbled up on some problems on my way... I lack the experience and technical guide lines, even though I have got some books and movies for help still I can't seem to really make a good sync with my hand and my mind.

I was planning to go to an art school to study Illustration and get my self focused for basically Concept art for any industry - most preferred game industry.

Now the thing is that I was looking around Europe for a school/college/university but it seems for me as there is a great difference between the same major name to what is actually applied.
My point is: at the US it seems more Concept art motivated and Europe is more Communication motivated.
Now for my small pocket Europe it much preferred as I can actually afford to go there, while for the US I will have to sell my kidneys and I will still need to add more to actually afford it.

So as you can understand I face 2 main questions here:
Is the Illustration they teach at EU is the same as in the US?
And if so is there a good place in EU to study Illustration - Professorial and "modest" places are what I look for, big names does not interest me.

And nope, I am sorry I can't really make it through Online Classes I must be IN class to get myself really into it, I guess it's the environment that gives me a bit of a spark.

I would really appreciate any comment and help given, links and other stuff will be verry helpful!

Thank you all,

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10 October 2012, 09:05 PM
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