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12 December 2003, 03:04 PM
Is it possible to write a basic LScript that will search for all instances of a certain plugin (specificaly motion modifiers) and then turn the checkmark on/off? (Not a toggle, but a mass on/off switch).

We are using Worley's Wheelie plugin on scenes with many cars in them, and the overhead with this plugin gets rather severe with high frame numbers (>1000) because it calculates history to frame 0. The occasional scene with 6 cars pulling out of the end of a scene at frame range 3500-3630 is an utter nightmare to work with, but shutting it off to restore interactivity often results in wasted final renders because the wheels aren't moving.

We do have a UNIX shell script guy here, but the syntax of how that checkmark's status is stored in the text of the scene file does not lend itself to being handled that way (as we do for setting render flags, and checking their status en masse).

So, if anyone knows a way to do this, we could really use the info....


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