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10 October 2012, 03:01 PM
Title: Level 10
Concept: Robot Testing Facility

45 Second Trailer: Will show 5 seconds of levels 1 thru 9 of the testing process:
Environment is a large room, maybe with an overlooking control room. Room is full of robots, maybe 100 to 1000 to start out with. Each testing level reduces the number of robots down until there is only 1 robot remaining to go into level 10.

Level 1 - Simple Visual Cue [Go Left to Live, Go Right to Die]
Level 2 - Remote Controlled Baseball Bats
Level 3 - Motion Tracking - Kill Shot - Sniper Rifle
Level 4 - Tilting Floor with built in Saw Blades
Level 5 - Electric Cable Snakes
Level 6 - Light Sabers
Level 7 - Bouncing Grenades
Level 8 - Gatling Machine Gun
Level 9 - Disintegration Mine Field to entrance of Level 10

My first thought is to open up with the entrance to level 10, showing the robot cautiously proceeding forward. The entire level is not in view, or not lit, and then the entire level is revealed. Then just show the robot as it traverses the level and how it uses every piece of equipment it has built into it to make it thru the level. There will be a plot twist at the end.

Camera Shots for Trailer
Level 1 - Overhead wide view from top. May change the color of the floor or use overhead lighting to distinguish the death/life side of the room.

Level 2 - A shot of the bats being ejected from the floor/sides of wall. Cut to a medium sized robot ducking a swing from a bat. Cut to another robot getting its mouth knocked out from getting whacked on the back of the head. Cut to a very small robot getting hit in the body, lifting off the ground and flying towards the camera. Camera shake as the robot hits the "lens" and slides down the lens of the camera slowly.

Level 3 - Close up of the front of a robot with a tracking target on it, zoom out to the robot moving/trying to remove/evade the tracking target. Camera track kill shot from rifle barrel as it travels to robot, start slow-mo then real time as bullet reaches robot.

Level 4 - Underground view of saw blade beginning to spin, following saw blade up thru the floor, then across the room as camera rotates 180 degrees, then follow blade thru the outside-inside-outside of a robot as its cut in half.

Level 5 - Upper corner shot of room, as cable descends, switch to fisheye camera, wait for cable to cycle thru visual spectrum until it can "see", then switch to over-shoulder view as cable finds and shocks target.

Level 6 - Robot that is being shocked from Level 5, has arms cut off, legs cut off, then is impaled thru its center by light saber.

Level 7 - Overhead shot of light spilling into room as doors open revealing stairs. All Robots move towards stairs. Cut to obstructed view of stairs behind robots. Robots begin to scatter, revealing grenades bouncing down stairs towards robots. As last grenades explodes, switch to 1st person view of ceiling and blur camera.

Level 8 - Blurry image of pieces falling from ceiling into a pile on floor, no sound. Camera focuses and reveals expelled shell casings and brackets from Gatling gun. Pan to front of gun, as sound fades in, showing rounds leaving barrel in slow-mo. Cut to follow bullet impacts as they trace across floor/walls in real-time. Cut back to rounds leaving barrel in slow-mo, then back to real time as barrel slowly stops spinning.

Level 9 - Overhead shot of floor, panel(s) open in floor, in front of stairs revealed in Level 7. Solid block rises from floor as all lights fade out in room. Bottom view as sign turns on revealing the words "Level 10" and an arrow pointing towards the stairs revealed in Level 7. Wide angle view facing stairs as lights on floor/ceiling/walls all blink in unison as indicator to move towards stairs. Close up of robot foot as it walks forward, then zoom out to overhead as robots begin to explode from mines.

10 October 2012, 06:25 PM
This sounds like it will be an action packed video, looking forward to your first steps with this.

10 October 2012, 10:24 PM
Weapon Design - Remote Controlled Bat

10 October 2012, 10:45 PM
Weapon Design - Bouncing Grenade

10 October 2012, 12:13 AM
Weapon Design - Electric Cable Snake

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