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10 October 2012, 12:19 PM

Under An Alias is the new big fairytale of nerdworking, a digital historical expression. This time our story takes place in a small German town, Weimar. But the effects of a small town with the population of 65.000 people, on the world is concerning all of us, a city where most of it income comes from the culture. Its the meeting and creation point of important intellectuals of our near time. This place, where Goethe thought it is also the place where music of Franz Liszt was heard. Its the place where its republic was found in 1919, till one of the Nazi concentration camps was built right next to it in 1937. Wiemar, the city where its currently merging art and architecture in Bauhaus university, has many untold stories.
As difficult as to tell Wiemar’s story for an Istanbul based group of artists, it was educational. It gave a direction to Nerd working to act in someone ease’s alter ego. Tens of people did research about its cultural history, read about it, tried to heed people and have tried to understand the city. Under An Alias , with a collaboration of international artists and working completely in cyberspace, this year for the first edition of Genius Loci Festival, met with the audience as the main act.
Under An Alias was exhibitioner from 10th till 12th of August, on Fürstenhaus, Franz List Conservatory, each night from 20s till the late hours, several times a night. Creating the analogy of Wiemar has started on this iconic building. First part is the spirit, then the muscles then the skin of this beautiful creature was made. The story was based on the linear history of the city, the abstract origin slowly turned into decaying effect in the years of war. Then the exploding Bauhaus movement after the World War II is portrayed with a statement to pay homage to one of movement's greatest masters; Kandinsky. Then the story flows into the German industrial machine, healing its wounds from the diffused times with aggressive images of engineering and machinery. And finally, after all of city's turbulent history, we are waving goodbye to Wiemar with its peace and order as a giant music box. We appreciate her hospitality.
Under An Alias was made by nerdworking's crew of 22 people from different disciplines architectures, new media artists, sound designers and the staff of Genius Loci Weimar. Enjoy the show, till the next fairytale.

Design and Art Direction: NOHlab (Candaş Şişman - Deniz Kader)
Motion Design and Animation Teams:
Fehmican Gözüm
Gökalp Gönen
Saygın Soher
Sinan Büyükbaş
Creative Director: Ferdi Alıcı
3D Artists & Designers: Çağlar Özen, Emre Önol, Ferdi Alıcı
2D Artists & Designers: Dilan Tanrıkulu Regal, Harun Kerem Köse, Yusuf Emre Kucur
Compositing: Ferdi Alıcı
CG Supervisor: Coşku Özdemir
3D Artists & Designers : Davut Toy, Vikram Puttanna
Sound Design: Alp Coksoyluer, Giray Gürkal, Görkem Şen
Architectural 3D Modelling: Kerem Asfuroğlu
Storyboard Artist: İsmail Anıl Güzeliş
Documentation: Cansu Turan
Project Management: NERDWORKING (Erdem Dilbaz)
Render Farm: RenderRider
Special Thanks to Gökçen Dilek Açay, İkinciParti Prodüksiyon, Stefan Kraus

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