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12 December 2003, 02:07 PM
Hi evryone,
I never looked at the MAXscript once untill now (04.12.03 2:53 PM), because i have to do some really borring stuff.

I have to import a file to 3dsMax and convert the imported object to an editable mesh. Then i need to save this object in a directory enywhere on my disk. The filename should be the same as the name of the converted object.

I started to learn MAXScript but in that short time I learned nothing I could use. Then I found the Macro Recorder an recorded my actions. The following script is the result:

actionMan.executeAction 0 "40471"
actionMan.executeAction 0 "40010" -- MAX Script: Macro Recorder Toggle
$.name = "EU01a"
.diffuseMap.map1Enabled = on
.diffuseMap.map1Enabled = on
.diffuseMap.map1Enabled = on "Modifier Stack" "Convert_to_Mesh"
actionMan.executeAction 0 "40007"
saveMAXFile "F:\EU01_Acer_campestre_Field_Maple\EU01a.max"
actionMan.executeAction 0 "40471"

The problem is now that the value of "$.name" and "saveMAXfile" should be variable.
Please help me out of this i will be forever in your dept :)


ps:. sorry about my eglish (stupid german)

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