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10 October 2012, 08:36 AM
Hey there,

I am happy to announce the release of a brand new addon:
emTopolizer v.1.0 (

Feature list of emTopolizer:

high speed geometry caching

Reads and writes polygon meshes via a single ICE compound preset or via the "Geometry Reader/Writer" operators.

Currently supported formats:

.mzd (native format, compatible with emPoylgonizer v.4).
.emp2 (native format, compatible with Softimage's built-in Polygonizer and version 2, 3 and 4 of emPoylgonizer).
.obj (Wavefront's ASCII format, compatible with all 3D packages).
.bin (RealFlow's binary geometry format, compatible with Maya and 3ds Max).


high performance polygonizer within ICE
The brand new multithreaded meshing core with a new memory management (ridiculously small memory usage whatever you are meshing).
UVW Engineer
A highly versatile texture coordinate creation tool designed to create UVs for geometry sequences with changing topology, typically meshed liquid simulations coming either directly from polygonizer or from a cached geometry file sequence (e.g. RealFlow meshes).
Vertex Islands / Polygon Islands
Access to vertex/polygon island data in linear time. Combine this with the "Vertex Island" tool of the freeware addon emTools ( to animate and control vertex islands via an ordinary point cloud.
Apply some thickness to a polygon mesh, no matter how heavy.
Disconnect and extrude the polygons whilst preserving the UVs, normals and vertex colors.
The "Geometry Free Reader"
A free geometry reader compound, good when throwing some scenes onto the farm that use cached geometry.
Many further little high speed goodies
Fix non-manifold edges, quadrangule, apply a special liquid mesh smoothing, sort vertices and polygons, blur normals, blur UVs, blur colors, close holes in a mesh, etc.
Unfortunately I did not have time to make a release video,
but there are four tutorial videos in which I demonstrate what the new
tool can do and how it works.

Tutorial 01 - Walk Through (
Tutorial 02 - A closer look at the demo scenes (
Tutorial 03 - Vertex Islands (
Tutorial 04 - The Geometry Reader and Writer (

Take care,

10 October 2012, 09:21 AM
I bought this today (and have often bought Eric's plugins).
It is amazing what it can do, and it is very, VERY fast.

It really takes the ICE modeling paradigm much further than the factory nodes do,
and it makes it as easy as you would want it to be. If you are curious, I highly encourage
you to watch his videos. They really highlight much of what it can do.

BTW, I am not affiliated with Eric's company, just a very happy customer!

10 October 2012, 09:22 AM
I checked the walk through yesterday and I"m impressed. It looks very easy to use, fast to set up and easy to make changes afterwards. It fills a gap in the current ICE tool set, which lacks some speed and functionality with the topology compounds.

I really like this commercial where your add-on was used, which you show in the walk through. There's no need to create a release video since this is more than awesome by itself.

You should post some more info with a complete feature list on your website and in this topic since many users don't like watching long video's.

10 October 2012, 09:46 AM
Thank you very much for your kind comments!

@Yanik: you are totally right, I will update the feature list later on. Thanks for pointing that out.

10 October 2012, 09:39 PM
Amazing stuff as always!

Would this work on bones? I always wanted something that made good base meshes for sculpting from a basic bone rig. For blocking out characters and designing characters something like this would be all kinds of awesome. Something like Zpheres, but with bones and in Softimage.

If not get to work ;) you could call it emBoneMesh.

Cant wait to see whats cooking with emFluid 5.


10 October 2012, 08:09 AM
Hi Greg,

Thanks for the comments!

Creating a basic mesh from a rig shouldn't be that tricky.
Give me a few days ;)


10 October 2012, 05:36 PM
Hey there,

An update of emTopolizer (, emTools ( and also emPolygonizer4 ( is available.
No "biggies", only a few little fixes and some additional little tools, especially in emTools.

Here is a quick video tutorial in which I show the new stuff and talk about it a bit:

emTopolizer 1.00 Tutorial 06 - The Post V1.0 Tutorial (


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10 October 2012, 05:36 PM
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