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12 December 2003, 01:03 AM
I'm experiencing seams/jagged edges when modeling in Maya, even though my models don't have these, ghosting, lag when tumbling my view, and occassional slowness at times. I'm using a geforceti4. Now, my questions are:

Will a geforceFX series card (5600, 5700, 5800 or 5900) with softquadro fix these issues, or do only the quadro cards fix this in Maya?

Do all the geforceFX 5800's overheat and die, or can I safely buy one and do the softquadro with it and not worry?

Is the 5800 the best to do the softquadro with? I read here that it is 30GL (whatever that means) and I get the idea that the GL means it's somehow better than non GL though I'm not really sure how this plays into the softquadro thing.

And.... with the geforce series, what makes the Ultra versions different?

Is the QuadroFX 500 better than the comparably priced Quadro4's?

Sorry for my newbie questions, but the other posts about softquadro didn't really make sense to me and I'm hoping to find new card under $300 that can run Maya without the issues above. Oh, and that is dual monitor capable.

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