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12 December 2003, 12:32 AM
I spent hours among days looking and searching through the forums on my questions that have yet to be fully answered. Of course this deals with building a new cpu and keeping cost affordable (roughly $2000 to $2500). I have actually bought a magazine comparing AMD against Intel and how to build the perfect computer and it recommends this over that, but most of it is computer language. I know a little on what all the numbers stand for but most of it is still confusing and new. So I thought I could ask my fellow CG buds to give a small hand.

My question is this:

I'll try to keep this short. I have looked at Intel Mobo with dual Xeon 2.4 GHz (and later change the Xeon dual 2.4 to probably Xeon dual 3.0 GHz, if that is possible and wise and of course if the Mobo can handle Xeon dual 3.0 GHz upgrade). Or if I should get dual Pentium 4 HT ( if you can do dual P4's, I assume you can since you can do dual Xeons). Now on the other hand, I can go with an AMD Mobo with Athlon XP processor (is it possible to make a dual Athlon system and if so what is it clock speed and benifits?). How much does the chipset influence the combination?

Also, is it safe to mix AMD Mobo with Intel processors or vice-versa or try to keep both of them the same so not to cause problems within the system. Second, I keep seeing on some threads that it isnt always wise to put a ton of RAM on your system, why does it matter if I put 1GB of RAM compared to just putting 2GB of RAM. The cpu is for the most part being build for 3D Apps like Max and very little for gaming. This is my first time in actually building a cpu from scratch. All the cpus I have bought in the past I bought at BestBuy or CompUSA, so I just took the best of what the had. That just doesnt cut anymore. The cpus they sell are not really geared and designed for 3D Apps. Yeah, they come with really good stuff and alot of power but they just dont last as long as building your own system. Basically I am looking for the best combo you can get while staying affordable and yet get some really good power and able to upgrade in the future.

I am sorry for the post I know there alot of them. I just couldnt find my answeres.


12 December 2003, 01:30 AM
The thing that differentiates a Xeon from a P4 is the ability to use more than one. You cannot make a dual P4.

You cannot make a dual AMD XP system either, they have the MP series for this.

You cannot mix Intel w/ AMD processors, they have very different architectures and will not fit in the same board.

Some of the Xeons have HT so if you can afford them, go with them, other wise go with Dual AMD MPs.

The issue of Memory amount is directly related to what the Mobo can handle. If it can handle a gig, then don't try to put in two, if it can handle four gig, then get as much as you can afford up to four gig.

If this is your first endeavor in building a pc, I would reccomend building a very inexpensive XP machine first ($800) machine, so that you get a hands on understanding before toying with $400 processors. Your best bet is to have the machine built at a store like who will build your machine exactly as you want with only the limitations of the hardware you select (unlike dell and the other "custom builders")

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