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09 September 2012, 08:53 PM

HDR Light Studio 4 is available today on Windows, Mac and Linux.

HDR Light Studio 4 features LightPaint - LightPaint enables lighting artists to click in the rendered view directing the light to the exact location where it is needed to light or reflect in their models. It can be used to create HDR lighting from scratch or to place localized adjustments and new lights in existing HDRI maps.

With HDR Light Studio 4 you can now push scenes direct from 3ds Max, Modo, Cinema4D and Maya into HDR Light Studio to light them using the new LightPaint feature. Plus there are new Live plug-ins allowing a real-time connection to Maya and MentalRay/Arnold/V-Ray/Renderman/Maxwell in an IPR session, for interactive image based lighting - and a Live plug-in for Houdini and the Mantra IPR.

Beta tester, Andy Rowan-Robinson, CG Supervisor, FrameStore NYC, explains their use of HDR Light Studio 4 for a recent Mercedes spot .we used HDR Light Studio on base HDRI images that were shot on location. These were taken into HDR Light Studio working as a plug-in in combination with Maya and LightPaint to enable us to accurately place highlights and darken / bring up the original HDRI as required to shape the lighting. It turned out to be an efficient and fun way to light we could get feedback quickly from the LightPaint window and take it across for higher quality renders in our renderer in Maya.

See their new website here for details on all the new features, plus videos of the workflows with different 3D software: (
See the new LightPaint feature in action here:
Full press release here:

Happy lighting!

09 September 2012, 01:44 PM
Did you guys get rid of the standard version? I'm only seeing 1 version now. And none of the US retailers have the new version yet. :surprised

09 September 2012, 02:58 PM
Yes we did get rid of the Pro and Std concept in this release, the new HDR Light Studio 4 has all the features of the old Pro version and includes all plugins, including the new ones, and is less than the price of the old Std edition. Today HDR Light Studio 4 is $499.

Buy direct on our store and it's even a little less than $499 with the current conversion.

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09 September 2012, 02:58 PM
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