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09 September 2012, 08:30 AM
Hello Everyone.

A little information about me. I have a BA in physics. and am looking to change careers to the field of animation and digital art. I have been painting for many years now. I have made paintings (abstract, real depiction), sketches and some sculpting pieces on my own. I recently started working on digital art projects like illustrations. I just don't know how to proceed... I am 25 and am trying to find a way to start into this field. So here are a few questions for the community:

are there any relatively cheaper schooling options? I dont have the financial resources for a 4 year degree. This is my main problem. 4 yr art schools are very expensive. And to be specifically trained in any field e.g character animation in the beginning of a career seems like a very risky move.

Is there a course I could do that will train me for a specific job in the art industry and then i can branch out into other art forms? Some schools I have looked at have a 1 yr program in VFX. is that a good idea?

I was thinking of doing online schooling for illustrations as well as animation. But I haven't found a combined program. Is it a good idea just to pick something like character animation and go to school for a year for a job prospect?

Any helpful advice/comment will be most appreciated.


10 October 2012, 12:14 AM
Hey man,

I totally know how you feel. I was in your same boat, and in some ways still am. I noticed you're not really getting many replies here. I found that a lot of schools were all way too expensive or not very good, or a combination of both. What I did was emailed a lot of different schools, like a possible new student and just picked their brains about the industry. I did that to several different schools and then eventually settled on the one that seemed best, but was not too expensive because money was a concern for me.

Personally, I would recommend checking out CG Spectrum. They're a great online school that has Concept Art, Modeling,Special effects, and Animation training, all in the form of 1 year programs. I currently am a 3D animation student there and loving it (I'm about a term into the program). The instructors are awesome and super helpful, and their program is unique. But most importantly, it's a really inexpensive program. I would set up a meeting with the director of admissions and just talk to him about what your concerns are. Even if you decided not to enroll, at the very least you may have some of your questions answered and and learn more about the industry.

Here is the website. Hope that helps...


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10 October 2012, 12:14 AM
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