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09 September 2012, 02:26 AM
Hey everyone, I tried looking this up on the internet but Iím in a time crunch. Here are my two problems..

1. My first problem was that when I went to make a plane with a reference image on it, it only displayed one side of the reference image.
2. My second problem was that when I went to mirror an object that had several edges and vertices, it would skew my edges and vertices.

Iím using Autodesk 3ds Max 2012, I downloaded the Civil 3d 2012 64bit driver software, and my graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M.
If anyone can shed some light on me thatíd be great!

Here's a link to images of the issues. The first 2 photos are for problem 1.
The next 2 images are of problem 2.

Image of problem (

10 October 2012, 09:07 PM
When I want to make an image plane (by the way, there is a way to do this without creating geometry, but I still do because I hate the way Max does image planes) I first make the image exactly the size I need it to be and then make a plane to match. So I will crop it to a specific ratio like 1/3 or something, then create a plane that is that same ratio in height/width. Then when I apply the image as a material, it should fit exactly. Sometimes it's rotated weird, but changing the uvw values to 90 or -90 in the material editor fixes that.
I'm assuming you're using editable poly and you're adding a mirror modifier on top. with mirror set to the correct axis and 'copy' ticked. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on in your pic, but I've not had problems with the mirror modifier. Try making sure all of your verts are welded and you don't have any weird hidden faces or anything before mirroring.

10 October 2012, 02:32 AM
I think the problem you're having with it not showing on one side is that you have backface cull turned on. If you turn it off (right click on object>properties>display properties>uncheck) that should work.

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