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08 August 2012, 03:14 PM
Hello, I am obviously new and and wanted to ask for some advice concerning starting education in CG.
There are numerous popular ways reaching from private schools over to validated subschools of universitys and real university courses. Yet there are also storys around about selftaught people, or of those who made some sort of internship (sometimes for free) to gain all the needed experience.

I searched around alot, but I have to say that most of the university courses are too expensive for me. They easily reach around 14.000 (I am from germany) a year, which is quite harsh considering that this is fulltime, and you aren't really able to work for it aside. Schools like gnomon even reach out to prices of 33.000 $ which - even though they have good quality standards - I am sure are mostly reserved to buy you the title "gnomon graduate".
The best prices I found were around 8.000 /a in new zealand, and the Sae school with about 9.000, but only two years to the degree (due to lack of holidays and min. 40 hours a week practice). But Sae has bad reputation.

Maybe I should mention, that I allready studied. I am 23 and have a bachelor degree in physics, but stopped after one year in the master. Germany has a very generous education system where you are able to study for just about 500 a year in your first subject. ..Doesn't work for any second occupation after a degree though, and even then... animation (my preference), modelling or film making are nowhere on the list in the official universitys here. You would have to go to private schools anyway.

But back to my question, and in more clean text:
- How big would you really judge the chances of somebody getting into cg buisness without any formal education degree, but just good training through whichever method (internship, online courses etc.)?
- Is there a way of getting this kind of training that you would recommend? And I don't talk about the basics, but really getting some work on the details, which online courses for example often don't seem to cover - unability of the medium to correspond with you personaly, I guess.
For more of an online interaction course, "Lunatique"'s offer caught my eye allready, but can these things ever be a substitute for a profound education?
I am quite aware too, that it is your showreel and portfolio that is really important most of the time (though I am not sure how people without a degree are really handled in the end), but how to become able to make them is still in question for me.

- Or, if either degrees are too important, or training like this is only reliably achievable in a facility like a formal school: Could you recommend something special?

Changing my career path like that is quite the life decision to make. I allready spend around a month passivly informing myself, because if I decide to ..let's say work for 1-2 years, just to get the money to make another bachelor degree (which is quite unusual to begin with), I'd better be quadruple sure.
So, whatever advice you can give me is very welcome.

Oh, and some information about my experience in cg and art until now:
- I am somewhat decent at drawing, though I still suffer from classical problems like the unability to draw organic shapes like hands or faces from mind (works good with photoshop though :P). But I can do fine from observation, as long as I have some reference sketch to observe. (and I never really trained, so I guess there is potential to improve)

- Photoshop of course. I like manipulation of existing material just as much as drawing painting like pictures from the white.

- Maya experience. This is where I would like to learn real detail to a professional level. I have seen and done a bit of everything, but don't really know how to proceed from there. - Most standard tutorials ("basics of [this]", "advanced [that]") don't have much to say to me anymore, and anything else ("how to animate a tree to jump over a fence") is just too specific to seem to lead anywhere.

- Tiny bits of After Effects like manipulating your render and building in particle effects there.

- Doesn't really apply, but I am also experienced in audio editing, which could come in useful when making original soundeffects for any animation (but there are other specialists to cover that)

Still no Z-Brush or anything similar...

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08 August 2012, 03:14 PM
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