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08 August 2012, 09:06 AM
hey guys,
i am kinda new to animation. I don't know how to do a lipsync. most video i see, they do lipsync using joints and i don't want to make a joints to do a lipsync (it's too complicated). Does anyone know how to do a lip sync with pose morph ?

thanks for any help

08 August 2012, 10:15 PM
I was trying to find a quick reference to try to explain a technique here. This may have to do.
You model copies of your characters head in mouth poses based on phonetics. Check out this page to get an idea of the different simplified shapes your mouth could make to create a sound.
Best is to just make these sounds while looking in a mirror, and sketch out the shapes, that's the classic animator way!
Anyways...after you've modeled your individual shape poses you could create one ( or more ) 2D controllers for handling the interpolation between morphs. So for have a zero point on your controller, you can create a primitive square spline object to define an area of range for the controller. Lets say you make the primitive square 10x10 units. Your controller ( a circle object? ) is represented at 1x1unit. What your setting up is a controller that can apply many of the morph objects you created. For instance, you pick opposite shapes, like the E sound and the W Q OO sound shape ( from the referenced link above ). You then drive the strength of each of your individual pose morphs based on an axis of your 2D controller (using xpresso + range mapping). So lets say dragging the controller to the right +X 5 units would set the E shape at 100%, and dragging the controller left 5 units ( from zero) would set the W Q OO pose at 100%. You could then link poses up to the Y axis of your controller, as well as even define the corners of the controller boundary to be 100% strength for poses ( which would blend 3 of your posses, 100% for +X, 100% for +Y, and 100% for +X&+Y, etc... ). Or you could create a secondary controller to afford for all the needed shapes, or even a unique shape that you could map somehow to hit all 9 poses.
That's one technique, sorry if it's hard to read, trying to explain the technique I learned when was in animation school like 6 years ago, and at the time I was learning the technique from like a 150pg book on the topic called Heads, Hands, and something... for Maya.
Anyways once you have the rig then you get to painstakingly sound out the lipsync phonetically, while keying the right sounding pose based on scrubbing back and forth on the waveform display, woo-hoo!!

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08 August 2012, 10:15 PM
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