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12 December 2003, 04:14 PM
I just installed my new Optorite DVD burner (model #DD0201) and everytime I try to burn anything on it, it says "Error: SCSI/IDE command aborted" and everything freezes. I've lost 3 DVD-Rs this way already and they are expensive (im in college). I've gotten the same error on Nero 6 Ultra, Nero 5 (came bundled, thought it might be different), and MyDVD (also came bundled).

Here's my system:
AMD XP +3000 (333fsb)
2x512mb Corsair XMS
Abit NF7-S mobo
80GB WD Special Edition (Primary Master)
60GB WD Caviar (Primary Slave)
Optorite DVD+-RW (Secondary Master)
Lite-On CDRW (Secondary Slave)
Windows XP Pro

12 December 2003, 08:19 PM

Iíve experience a similar problem with my SCSI CD-R. Try changing scsi id to a different number. Try changing from master to slave (err primary/secondary :rolleyes: ) and Vic versa. And one last thing, play around with the order on the scsi cable (before/after another device on the scsi cable).

You might not have actually wasted those DVDís. You may think you have, but once you get the drive working you can probably still burn them.

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