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12 December 2003, 11:37 AM
heres my situation there are a few anime characters that i like and wanna put into 3d to make some nice 3d artwork. my problem i run into is i'm not a 2d paper/pencil/photoshop artist i have not alot of tallent there.

my skill is a Mimic, i can only draw what i see right infront of my eyes and in that spacific pose i cant do variations... i have tried...
so this is where it comes down i need some one to do a 2d front and side template of a face. maybe some one will be willing to do one for me.... i do 3d as a hobby and a hobby only.

so if some one is willing to help me let me know and i'll enxchange e-mails, and then pass you the refrance pictures of the spacific character i wanna do. thnx

note: i have been through the web to search for decent template of the character i want to do, but there is nothing i can fin, i find lots of good pictures of the character but none are suitible as a template.

12 December 2003, 12:21 PM
It is never too late too learn my friend,you will be pleased as how fun drawing can be.

Learn now;

Gray's Anatomy book;

Anime Model Sheets;

Human Reference and beyond;

HighRez/LowCost reference pictures;

Free reference pictures;

There's so many images available.

A good thing to remember when you model using those refpics,is to NOT stick to the photo pixel by pixel.

Add some shapes of your own,while respecting the general anatomy.

Eventually,as you practice and learn,you won't need to refer to images inside the viewports.It may take weeks,months or years before you do,but the satisfaction cannot even be compared to when using some.

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