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12 December 2003, 08:04 AM
Aighty, I'm having stupid problems where the Adobe Type Manager Deluxe font driver will not load. I keep getting an error message on Type Manager startup that "the ATM font driver is not currently loaded. Please check your settings and restart your computer." etc etc etc...

I have a stupid feeling this problem is related to one of the memory tweaks I implemented in the Win2K MArginal Performance Tweak Guide. However, with so many in there, I have no clue where to begin trying to step back and trace my steps, nor do I ahve the time to test every single tweak one at a time. So can anyone give me a clean straight answer on how I can get my ATM font driver working again?

And on a similar note, I keep getting stupid errors in Microsoft Office 2K on a clean full install. I think this too has something to do with my memory tweaks. Everytime after a clean install and a first run of any office app, it says that the office assistant did not install correctly and would like to re-install. I don't give much of a rat's @$$ for that annoying thinger, so I click no, and the message goes away forever. However, if I press F1, it comes up again until I actually re-install - then it works fine. But haha, yeah, my Win2K system tweaks have done funny things. Any ideas?

Btw, on another note, my system has never run more efficiently, if not somewhat buggy here and there w/ the non system critical stuff. =)

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